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Austin's POV

It's been a few day sense Tara and I went to the Teen Choice Awards together. I thought I would go over to her house and hangout with  her. I went up to her door and knocked on the door. 

Tara answered and smiled. 

T: "Hey!"

A: "Hi bae!"

T: "Come in."

A: "I was wondering if you wanted to hangout?"

T: "Well Justin's at the studio so sure!"

A: "Cool."

T: "Ummm up to my room?"

A: "Sure."

We went up to her room and hung out there for awhile.

A: "Hey Tara?"

T: "Yeah?"

A: "I want Ice cream!"

T: "Don't have any?"


T: "I ate it all!"

A: "Okay let's go we are going to get some icecream."

T: "Fine?"

We got into the car and went to dariry queen. We order and sat down.

A: "So did you hear what our ship name is?"


A: "It's so cute."

T: "Like you!"

I looked down and blushed.

T: "Awwww my bae is blushing!"

A: "I hate you."

I got up and picked her up and spun her around.

Just then my phone rang. 

A: "Hold up I gotta take this."

T: "Alright."

I walked away from Tara far enough so she couldn't hear.

A: "Hello?"

"You need to take a picture with her."

A:" Why?"

"So people will freak."

A: "I feel bad, I'm using her for fame."

"Get over it Austin, you have a tour to sell,"

A: "Fine alright I'll post a selfie."

"Post on Twitter and Instagram."

A: "Alright.."

I then hung up. Management wants me to date Tara for fame. I feel bad but I gotta sell my tour.

I walked over to Tara and kissed her head. 

She giggled. 

A: "Let's take a picture."

T: "Oh okay?"

We took a picture then I posted it on instagram with the caption 



T: "Aww it's so cute! I'm going to make it my profile picture on twitter!"

A: "Okay."

I felt bad, she really likes me. 

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