They find out

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(( hey guys this is my second time writing this because it would not let me update and it deleted my chapter so sorry if it sucks, it's just the first time I put a lot of detail and I really don't want to this time.))


I woke up by myself thankfully! I swig my feet over my bed and saw cameron on his phone. "morning." I said looking at him. "Morning." he said back not looking up from his phone. I rolled my eyes got up. "Hannah wait." cameron said getting up. "what do you want?" I asked turning around to him. "I just wanted to say sorry for getting mad at you for something as little as Taylor one of my best friends coming and waiting for me." he explained. I smiled and hugged him. "I forgive you." I said pulling away from him. He smiled back at me and I walked away and grabbed some clothes, I also grabbed my razor. I went in the bathroom and stripped. I saw my cuts, I made two new ones on my left wrist. I now had 5 cuts, 3 on my left and 2 on my right. I went in the shower and cleaned my body and my fresh cuts. I got out and blow dried my hair and put it up in a pony tail and put on some black leggings, a pink sweater that was a little to big and it had sleeves, and some pink vans. I put on some light makeup and I walked out and saw cameron was gone. I heard something going on out in the hall I walked out and saw all the boys at the end of the hall way I saw shawn singing with out his guitar it was beside him. so I ran up to him and pushed the boys out of the way and grabbed the guitar and started to play counting stars since he was singing it. shawn looked at me and I smiled so did he. 2 minutes later we were done and they all said I was great, we headed back to my room and we all sat down in silence. "so what do you guys want to do?" I asked. "truth or dare?" nash asked. all they guys said yea and so did I. I know what your think why would I play truth or dare with 9 guys! honestly I have no idea....

We have been playing for a while and know it was Aaron's turn to ask someone something.

"Uhh Taylor truth or dare?" aaron asked

"Dare!!" he yelled I giggle a little and so did the boys.

"I dare you to kiss Hannah on the lips." Aaron said. my jaw dropped and cameron looked at me and his eyes were wide! I closed my mouth and Taylor gets up and holds out his hand "a dares a dare." he said as he pulled me up by my wrist "ouch!" I screamed. I really just did that great! "Hannah why did you just scream?" cameron said getting up and all the other guys did to, he walked over to me. Taylor was now behind cameron. A tear came down my cheek. "Hannah let me see your wrist." can said. "no." I said "show me or I will pull your sleeve up!" he said raising his voice. "no!." I said again. he pull up my sleeve and saw 3 cuts. I started to cry even harder and he had a tear coming down camerons cheek too and all the boys looked like they have had seen a ghost. "why?"cam asked. I pulled my hand away from his grip and ran out the door I saw nash and Shawn's room door open so I ran in to it and locked it. "HANNAH OPEN THE DOOR!" I heard cameron say. I was now full out crying. the door open and cameron had a key card thing in his hand. he ran over to me and hugged me tight. "I'm so sorry camern!" I said in to his chess. "but why?" he said pulling away. "cameron I-I just sometimes do it because I feel depressed and I feel like no one cares." I said. "Hannah I do care." He said wiping away my tears. I smiled and he kissed my wrist "no more ok? he asked i looked down and said "there's more"

"What! where?" he asked looking around

I pulled up my right sleeve and showed him "cam I promise I will never do it again." I said


"I promise"

He hugged me and we walked back to the hotel room. I walked in and all the guys looked up and saw me "guys I'm sorry for the thing I caused, I'm sorry and I'm done cutting." they all smiled and hugged me.

"Hold on wait." shawn said

"What?" I asked
"What about the kiss?" he said back to me

Omfg I totally for got about that! Taylor walked over to me and stared to lean in so did I, next thing I know our lips smashed together! His lips were so soft, and the kiss was amazing. he pulled away and smiled so did I. it was time for magcon and we walked down and had a great time. I walked back to my hotel room and I was so tried I didn't even change. I layed down and feel asleep.

(( ok guys how did you like it? What do you think about Hannah cutting and what about the kiss? well if I get 4 votes and more than 15 readers I will update so tell friends and vote!!))

-- Hannah -- 💖

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