Chapter 11 ~ Kenzie

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Sunday Morning

I can't stop thinking about last night. It was just incredible.

I call Lauren to see if she wants to get the girls round or something, I need help right now!

*on the phone*

"Hey, what up, Ziegler?" Lauren beams.

"Do you wanna get the girls over for a sleepover tonight? Brynn, Annabelle, you and I? I need help with you know what," I reply.

"My brother is not a you know what! He's a no one knows what the hell he is half the time," Lauren jokes.

"Yeah whatever, Lauren," I laugh, "so your house in 30?"

"Yeah I'll text the girls," I reply, "bye!" I say before hanging up.

*end of phone call*

I go on the group chat of just us girls and tell them the details.

Kenzieboo☺️: hey guys
QueenB💗: supppp
Kenzieboo☺️: Lauren's place 12:30 k?
Lauren✨: its urgent
Annabelle🐶: uh okay meet ya soon.
QueenB💗: count me in

There! It's all sorted, tonight is going to be incredible!

I text Maddie to tell her what's happening,

Kenzieboo☺️: hey mads staying at orlandos tonight
Kenzieboo☺️: chill I'm staying with Lauren and the girls me and Johnny don't feel like that for eachother!
MadZieg💓: then why did you guys kiss?
Kenzieboo☺️: idk ....
MadZieg💓: whatever bbs

Honestly sisters be like?

I get ready for tonight and pack a bag, obviously with the essentials as well as some other stuff.

As it's summer I pack my swimming stuff, 'cause you know it's the Orlandos, they have a massive pool in their backyard.

I get a text from Lauren,

Lauren✨: hey just found Johnny is having Carson and Hayden over :/
Kenzieboo☺️: let's just have a massive sleepover !!
Lauren✨: a girl boy sleepover? Right Hayden come hereeeeee
Kenzieboo☺️: wth 😂 ly Laurs cya in 5.

Orlandos are some weird kids. I love them though.

Well Lauren. Obviously.


So I'm all packed now and I did my makeup nice and natural, and straightened my hair.

I'm just leaving when Maddie calls,


"Maddie! We're friends! Who happened to have accidentally kissed! So shut up we all know what you and Jack do!"

That shut her up.

I walk the few feet over to the Orlandos and knock on the door, and Johnny answers,

"Hey Kenzie," we haven't really spoken since last night, "Lauren's upstairs,"

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