African Love-Chapter 9

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Here is chapter nine enjoy!

Chapter 9

While Rachel was out getting the supplies I was at home getting the things together for the pranks. I went to the freezer and got some ice-cream and put in my room but then I realized that the ice-cream might melt and I didn't want that so I just kept it in the freezer.

I knew Tristan was in his room playing a game or something so I didn't bother him until Rachel was on her way home. I went to my room and set up my xbox and started playing minecraft with some of the guys at my school. When Rachel came through the door she dropped everything on my bed and we assembled the ingredients for the night.

"OK, so I got the air horn and the peppers.....did you get the laxatives?" she asked me

"Yea, there in the bathroom, I'll get them" I walked over to the door opened it and guess who was right there taking a dump TRISTAN!. He just gets on my nerves but he's also really cute for his age you know.

"Hey! do you mind I'm in the middle of something here!" Tristan said with no expression. "Yea, I just need to get something from the medicine cabinet" "Get out!". I walked out and told Rachel what the problem was. She didn't care much of Tristan so she just walked right in and took the laxatives and walked right out like a G.

She slammed the door shut and walked over to me and handed me the drugs. "Here you go" "Th-thanks?" I said hesitant. We checked off all the things we had and we just waited for the night to begin. We noticed that Tristan was still in the bathroom so Rachel got her camcorder and I took the air horn and in 3..2..1 I opened the door quick and pressed the air horn and he didn't even move or flinch. He is so boring!. We closed the door and looked at each other.

"Why didn't he flinch?" Rachel asked. "I don't know, he's heartless". We walked downstairs and started to make the pepper laxative brownies. They smelt good when we took them out so we just left them there to cool and we set the camera down and hid it so when he came to eat them we would get it on video. Rachel and I went into my room and played some more minecraft for a couple of hours and we heard Tristan going in the kitchen. We waited a couple of minutes before going out there and "getting" some of the brownies.

"Do you think he ate some?"

"I don't know. I hope so" I started laughing

We walked out and went to the kitchen. We noticed that the brownies were indeed gone, so we checked the camera and he definitely ate them. "OMG! he ate them!" we both started laughing and went back in my room to watch the video. We got in the bed and turned on the video. We saw him open the fridge for milk and got some of the brownies on the plate. He then took a bite and left. We starred at each other and all of a sudden Tristan opened the bathroom door and came into my room.

"What did you do!" he yelled looking at me

Rachel turned on the camera. "We gave you a piece of your on medicine you jerk" we both laughed

"That is not funny!. Why is this so spicy!"

That comment made us laugh even harder, we couldn't even keep a straight face to tell him what we did. "We put spicy peppers and...lax...laxatives in them!" Rachel said laughing. "You guys will pay, you better sleep with on eye open!". He left the room and went into his parents room and locked the door I did the same with mines. "That was so funny!" Rachel said "and I got it on camera"

"WOW! that was funny, we should keep it so if he gets us back we can post it on the internet"

"That's a great idea!"

After our laughing fit we went to his room and started looking for his clothes. "His room is so dirty, how can someone live like this?"

"I think I just stepped in some thing!"

"Come on let's look" We started looking and I found the shirt I was looking for his favorite baseball shirt that he wore to every game. I pulled it out and just before I was about to cut it Tristan came in and started freaking out. We didn't have the camera because we left it in my room.

"Don't you dare!"

Before I knew it we both ran into my room and locked the bathroom door. My door was still locked thankfully. Rachel said that she was going to leave me here to deal with this myself but before I could reply she had already busted out of the door and outside. Her stupid butt left my door open and Tristan came running in. I didn't realize that I still had his shirt in my hand so I put the scissors to it to make him not come near me.

"Don't cut it!"

"Why not you've been mean to me ever since I got here. Why can't I have a little fun huh?" I said still putting the scissors by the shirt.

"Just put it down and no one will get hurt"

"Oh, I know no one will get hurt but your shirt will"

I looked over really fast and the bathroom door was still opened I ran in there as fast as I could and locked it. But my stupid fingers were shaking from the adrenaline rush that again Tristan came in and locked his side of the door. When I turned around he was right in my face. He smiled at me like he was planning something evil.

"Hand me the shirt or else!" he said demanding

"Or else what" I joked and started to run off again but he was quick this time and grabbed a hold of my arms and pushed me up against the door this time getting really close to my face. My breathing was increasing every time he got closer. He looked me in the eyes then down at my hands. He then yanked the shirt out of my arms and I just stood there. I didn't noticed how beautiful his eyes were. They were like the ocean. Crisp clear blue water.

He threw the shirt on the ground and kept starring at me. I couldn't look away, he then put both his hands up against the door making me flinch a little. This time making our bodies touch. Why is he so mean but so hot! He took hold of my chin and leaned into what was suppose to be a kiss but got cut when Jeffry came in through the front door.

"I'm home! everyone alright!" he yelled through the house

"Tristan you good?"

"Yea, dad!" he yelled


"Yea, I'm fine!" I said still trying to look away from him. He then picked up his shirt and left the bathroom without a word. And I thought Jeffry was supposed to be back in a few days?

Oh! very intense scene that was! sorry a kissing scene will happen soon but not yet :)


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