Do you think im beautiful?

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I woke up alone, Vinny must of gone out probably to hangout with the guys or something I don't know and I'm to tired to particularly care at the moment. I looked at my phone to check the time 4:53 am just enough time to take a shower do my hair and makeup wake up the baby change his diaper get him ready and cook breakfast. I didn't make any plans for today I'll probably just go over to my long time best friend Phoenix's house I haven't talked to them in forever but I still have to get ready, I stood up and tiredly walked over to my bathroom I opened the shower curtain and turned the shower on then getting undressed whilst waiting for the water to warm up I got in the shower and I just got used to the temperature for a few seconds then I washed my hair and body I shaved and then I stepped out of the shower reaching for my towel, I dried off and I got dressed, I started with tying my hair back then I did my makeup primer , foundation, concealer ect. Once I finished my makeup I straightened my hair.
I looked in the mirror, staring at all of my flaws, my acne that you could still point out through my makeup, my neck, my split ends, my nose, my lips, I just stared for a little wondering if I'm actually pretty, I snapped out of it and pushed my hand through my long, purple hair, I walked out of the bathroom and towards the baby's room, he was already awake. He has the most beautiful eyes. I walked over to the crib, and picked him up. I walked into the kitchen, and I put Dominic into his high chair, and I made him his bottle, whilst feeding him I wondered where the fuck Vinny had gone, once I finished feeding Dom I put him in his bouncer and I grabbed a book and read it with him teaching him the basics like animals and shit, Dom yawned and I could tell he needed a nap so I picked him up and put him in his crib for a nap, I walked back to the lounge room, I grabbed my phone and called Vinny
Y- Hey baby
V- Hey
Y- I just called to ask you where you were
V- I'm at Chris's I'll be home soon
Y- okay I'll see you later Baby
V- alright bye
He hung up before I could say goodbye, I wonder what crawled up his ass and died...

A/n: Hey guys sorry for not updating for like ever but I'm gonna try to update once a week if I can but if I can't don't yell at me I'm not making any promises but I hope that this is good enough for this story

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