"Do you ever read?" (13)

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Maribelle's Point of View. 

We took a cab back to the hotel. Not because we were 'running late' but because Zayn didn't know where he was going. 

Zayn held the door for me once we got to the suite. I entered I to our room to seeing everyone's luggages at the door. 

"Welcome back you two. We are just about to leave." Harry greeted us as he put his beanie on. 

"Told you we'd be back in time." Zayn said bumping into me. 

"Wow so we are actually going home." Louis sighed sitting on the couch. He crossed his arms as everyone joined him. "This feels weird."

We all sat down in silence hoping conversation would come up. It was just very quiet. The only thing you could hear was the loud winds hitting against the windows. Harry looked up at me as if he was about to bring up conversation. When our eyes connected he instantly looked away not speaking a word. 

"Well my flight is earlier than you all so guess I'll see you soon." Niall broke the silence. He said it in a very emotionless way. He got up slowly hugging each and everyone one of us.

"Goodbye Niall." I said as he hugged me. "I'm going to miss you." 

"Yeah so am I." He said pulling away from the hug. 

"See you all soon." Niall said as he grabbed his luggage. 

Niall rolled his luggage out the door and left. We all sat quietly just looking at each other. 

"Well..." Harry said clapping his hands together. 

"...Yeah." Louis smirked imitating Harry

"So basically we are going home and we are going to do nothing. Isn't this going to be awesome?" Harry yawned as he stretch his arms up towards the ceiling. 

"I'm actually looking forward to go home Harry." 

"Louis that's because your a mum's boy." 


The phone rang and we all got extremely quiet. I leaned forward to it grabbed it. 

"Hello?" I answered it but got no response. "Uhm hello?" 

"Who is it?" Zayn questioned. 

"I don't know they won't say anything." I said passing the phone towards him. 

"Hello?" Zayn looked at me confused as he grabbed the phone. 

"Must be the taxis..." Harry said reaching for the phone. He placed his phone against his ear. 


"Oh yeah." 


"Five minutes." 

"Sound good." 


He looked up at us, we were obviously intrigued to what was said over the phone. 

"Just kidding, the person hung up." He said with a smile exposing his dimple. 

"Wow Hazza." Louis said sitting back. "Should of saw that coming." 

"Fooled you again, we should get going since out flights are all different times." Harry said getting up. 

We all got up and retrieved our luggages by the door and headed towards the elevator. Louis thought it was a great idea to press the button a million times. 

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