Flowers Don't Talk

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Inside the TARDIS, The Doctor was running around its console, checking all the screens trying to figure out where he was.
"Oh..." he looked down at one of the screens with a serious expression.
"Not good." He didn't really want to risk going outside. Not when the screen informed him that he had crashed in a parallel universe.
The Doctor slowly walked up to the TARDIS doors that seemed so small compared to the inside. He stood there for a couple of seconds, considering if he should risk it.
"Geronimo," he whispered to himself and swung open the doors only to find blackness.
He looked around, wondering again where he was.
Deciding there was nothing on this side of the TARDIS, he strode around to the other side.
He stopped in his tracks.
There was a spotlight that was centred on a small golden flower.
"Well," The Doctor said, crossing his arms slightly.
The small flower snapped around to... look at him?
"WHAT IN THE-" The Doctor jumped back, adjusting his fez nervously.
"Howdy! I'm Flowey!" the small golden flower said with a huge friendly smile on his face.
"Flowey the Flower!"
"Hey, you're new to the underground, arentcha? Golly, you must be so confused!" The Doctor just made a confused face.
"I ought to teach you how things work around here!" Flowey said, sustaining the smile on his face.
"Alright, Flower!" he said.
The Doctor stepped forward confidently into the spotlight and scanned Flowey with his sonic screwdriver.
"What are you?" He asked quite straightforwardly, looking at the screwdrivers results.
"Well- I'm Flowey the Flower?" Flowey replied.
"But flowers don't talk," he put away the sonic.
Flowey frowned.
"What are you; thick?" Flowey growled, his face turning evil. "The underground is home to the monster race! And you're a human, and you've got a timeline. Timelines contain time energy, and that, my friend, is the exact thing they need to escape!" He leaned closer and closer to the Doctors face.
"Ah," The Doctor said, putting his hands by his side. "About that,"
"What is this leading to?" Flowey growled again.
"Well you see, I'm not actually human,"
Flowey didn't say anything, but The Doctor could tell from his face that he was confused.
"What are you then?" He said more quietly this time.
"I'm called 'Not staying'!" The Doctor added with a laugh and a grin at Flowey before rushing past him to the doorway.
"But don't call me that!"
"COME BACK HERE!!" Flowey yelled to him at the top of his lungs.
The Doctor ignored him and slid through the old looking door with pillars on both sides.
"Alright, now to-" He strode forward, sonic screwdriver now in his hand and then slammed into someone.
They both stumbled backward almost tripping over then said 'Sorry!' At the same time.
The Doctor looked around at where he was for the first time and saw two giant purple staircases in a high roofed purple building. He looked at the orange leaves mysteriously sitting in a pile in the middle of the room.
"Uh," the person said.
He then realised he had looked at everything but the person he had bumped into.
"Oh hello," Standing in front of him was a lady who had white fur, ears and horns, and was wearing a purple dress.
"Ooh, hello!" He said, scanning her with the sonic. "I was just coming from in there... um- with a flower?" The lady made a face.
"You aren't a child," the woman said confusedly. "Usually only children fall down here into the Ruins."
"Oh, well technically I didn't fall down; I kind of flew in?" He put the sonic screwdriver away into his pocket again.
"I thought no one knew about the Underground!" She said. "My name is Toriel, yours?"
"I'm the Doctor." The Doctor replied, straightening his jacket.
The lady took his hand in hers.
"Come, I will guide you through the catacombs."
She started to walk, pulling him along, but the Doctor had other ideas.
"Actually, I've just got to go get my TARDIS from that room, and then I can come, okay?"
"I do not know what a 'TARDIS' is, but whatever you say." Toriel replied anxiously.


"The Doctor is here." The First Dalek came out from the shadows again.
"Why didn't you stop him?" It said again.
"I- I don't know!" Flowey panicked slightly. "He kind of just ran past me and I didn't have time to think!"
"I do not agree that that is the truth but I will let you live for the sake of alliance." The First Dalek said warily.
"Who is he?" Flowey asked.
"The Daleks' Predator." It said with almost a growl.
"He said he wasn't human,"
"He is the last TimeLord."


The Doctor swung open the big purple doors once again only to catch a glimpse of Flowey before he disappeared. The Doctor made an uncertain noise and headed forward.
"He's gone," He whispered behind his shoulder to Toriel.
"Who's gone?" She whispered back.
"The flower."
The Doctor took some uncertain steps forward and then, realising Flowey was definitely gone, ran forward at a faster pace.
"What is a 'TARDIS'?" Toriel asked, and the Doctor realised she was coming along too.
"It's my space ship." he said with a smile. "That also doubles as a time machine,"
They both walked through the spotlight, the Doctor leading Toriel to where he had parked his TARDIS. Soon they came to the blue police box standing in the shadows.
"This is it?" Toriel gazed up at it disbelievingly.
"Yes." The Doctor preceded to open the doors with a click of his fingers.
As they opened she gasped and looked all around.
"It's... bigger on the inside!" She exclaimed.
"My favourite part!" The Doctor acknowledged. "Now, can you tell me how to get to town? Is there a town? I need to get out of this place, and I can only do it with some help."
"Oh, but," Toriel started, "I know the way but I do not wish to go there,"
"Well you could just tell me. You don't have to come," The Doctor said as she stepped out of the doors.
"All you have to do is pass through the Ruins, where you found me, and then you will be in the town.
"Okay, brilliant! And- you aren't coming with me?"
"I do not wish to go back to Snowdin at this time. But before you go, Doctor, here's my phone number." Toriel held out a piece of paper.
"Oh thank you!" The Doctor took it from her with appreciation. "Actually, just wait here for a second," he raced off into the TARDIS and came back out holding a little sheet of paper with scribbly writing on it.
"Here's mine." Toriel took it and smiled.
"Thank you, Doctor, for being kind."
"Well that's okay!" He said happily, waved Toriel goodbye and shut the doors of the TARDIS.
"Time to go to 'Snowdin', I think that's what she called it."
He ran up the stairs to the controls and set off.

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