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(The Fray, Never say Never)
Third Person P. O. V.

Lahlani squeezed onto Nathan's hand even harder as she pushed once more. While beads of sweat dripped down her forehead. Taking a break from pushing she let out a much needed breath throwing her head back.

"Just one more push Lahlani and you will have one down and one more to go. You can do this." Nathan says after moving her curls out of her face before planting a kiss on her forehead. The doctor instructs her to push again. Following his direction she began pushing again screaming squeezing her eye shut wanting the pain to be over already but she knows that she still has another to go.

"Come on. Bella you're almost there." Nathan rubs her hand staring into her tired eyes.

With that Lahlani nodded her head and began to push harder. Seconds later she is stopped by hearing the cries of her little angel.

"It's a boy" the doctor states as Nathan went I've to the doctor to cut the biblical cord. Nathan stared at the small being in awe but he was also terrified of loosing him or his sister or both because of how small they are. He looked up at Lahlani still with a scared look in his eyes but it soon disappeared because he did not want her to notice.
The nurse asked Nathan if she can have a word with him alone. Nathan hesitated to leave Lahlani's side for a minuet but he followed her to the corner of the room.

"Since your babies are premature we are going to have to transfer them to the ICN immediately once they are born." The nurse says quietly.

Nathan only nodded his head understanding why they had to go and not in the mood to go back and forth with the nurse on this.
Walking back over to Lahlani who was demanding the nurses to let her hold him.
Holding her hand again.
"Lahlani, calm down. They are just going to go make sure that the baby is going to be okay."

The doctor trying back into place again instructs Lahlani to start pushing again.
Lahlani started to push, well it was more like she was screaming more than she was pushing. Her screaming went on for a few seconds before she stopped and looked up at the ceiling panting.

The doctor noticing looked up at her.
"I can't-I can't do it." Lahlani says in a weak voice.
"Yes, you can. Come on push." I say urging her she sits up and starts pushing again.

"I see the head. Lahlani you have a few more pushes to go." The doctor shouts over Lahlani's screams.
"Push!" The doctor orders and Lahlani follows. While squeezing Nathan's hand 10 times harder. Causing Nathan to wince.
"Oww, damn Lahlani."
"Oh, shut up Nathan!" Lahlani screams tiredly and out if breath facing Nathan for a second causing the nurses in the room to giggle a bit. The doctor turns to one of the nurses and gesture for her to come closer.

"She is losing to much blood, get the CTG machine. And we need to do an ultrasound to make sure that the baby is okay." The doctor quietly says but not enough because Nathan still was able to hear their conversation. Hearing this caused him to worry even more than he already is.

The nurse did as told and went to get the machine.
"Nathan I can't do it, it hurts too much. Please don't make me I just need to take a second I am getting really dizzy, my back is hurting, have I mentioned that it is very hard to breath." Lahlani says while heavily breathing.
"Okay, Lahlani I am going to need you to lay down on your side. I need to check your blood pressure." The doctor says while Nathan helps Lahlani onto her side.

"Vernon, what's going on? Is something wrong?" Nathan asks still holding onto Lahlani's hand. The door soon opens and in came 2 nurses with equipment.

Nathan who was just in a kneeling position quickly stood up straight. "Nathan what's happening?" Lahlani asks quietly. As he breathing became less and less de

"Don't worry bella everything is going to be alright." Nathan reassured her. But he wasn't sure if it was going to himself.
"Dr. Vermon, talk to me what's happening?" Nathan asked getting a bit frustrated because he had to ask him once again because he didn't answer Nathan's question the first time he had asked.
One of the nurse making their way towards him.

"I'm sorry, sir but I'm going to have to ask you to leave the room." The nurse says once she is in front of Nathan.
"No fuck that I'm staying right here by her side. I'm not leaving her alone again." Nathan snaps but didn't take his eyes off of Lahlani not once.

"Sir, we need the room to help the mother of your children and save your child and its going to get crowded in here in a few minutes and you shouting and constantly asking whats going on is certainly not helping and is not going to.
Right now we are going to do everything we can to make sure that your baby is well and healthy and that Lahlani is alright. Just please let us do our jobs."

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