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Her hazel eyes shined bright with brimming tears. Her cheeks embellished with long trails that ended at her jaw, and her lips quivered with the want to yell at the cruel world that had taken her husband. All she wanted was to be with him, to feel his arms around her and to feel his tender lips on her forehead while he said everything would be alright. He wasn't there to do that anymore though. He had slipped from her grasp, no longer at hands reach.

"We are sorry to hear that William has passed, but Beatriz you are not alone, Ines and I are here for you." Alessio wrapped his right arm around Ines's small waist and gave a reassuring smile at the sobbing aged woman in front of him. He had promised William that Ines and him would care for his wife and now that he was not here that is what he intended to do. The poor woman had arrived at his villa a crying mess, she was just now starting to relax after drinking three cups of tea.

"Thank you," was all that Beatriz was able to let out as she looked down at her wedding ring. It was a small golden band nothing extravagant to the eyes. William had worked so hard to be able to afford their rings, it was back in the days when they had nothing, but a roof above their heads and enough food to survive, it had been before he had struck rich in the oil business.

"Would you like to go out to the garden for a walk?" Ines asked as she stepped out of Alessio's arm and walked over to Beatriz.

"I would love to." She took a hold of Ines's hands and was guided out to the garden.

"Sunset is always beautiful out here." Ines stared at the setting sun and the beautiful orange and red tones surrounding it.

"It is very beautiful indeed."

"Beatriz I am very sorry for what happened to your husband, you must feel broken at a time like this."

"I knew his time was soon to come, and even though I knew I'm still mad that he has left me although it was not his fault. He's in a better place now though, he no longer has to feel the pain he endorsed here." Beatriz gazed at the sky and smiled. "I can still feel him in my heart."

"He is probably watching over you now."

"I do hope he is."


From the kitchen window Alessio could see the interactions made by his wife and Beatriz. They were talking fondly of something or someone. Although he wanted to know what it was that they were talking about he averted his gaze away from them and to his drink instead. His phone soon cut through the silence and he looked down at the counter where it laid. The screen flashed "Richard Steel" and for a second he debated wether to answer it or not. He went with the later but when the phone rang once more he decided to answer it.

"For a moment I presumed you would not answer my-" Richard was not able to finish due to being cut off by an irritated man.

"What do you want Steel." Alessio knew what the call was about but either way he wanted to hear it from him.

"Heard the old man finally died," Richards's voice was cool, no emotions attached when he mentioned William Gustavo's death. He had not known the man to feel pity over his passing after all.

"And." Alessio's voice was not as to ask a question but to command him to continue.

"Have you thought over my proposition? I am offering a very big amount, one that I know you can not deny," cockiness was laced with every word. Richard knew about Alessio struggling to keep his company up after his father almost went to jail for money laundering, no one knew other than Alessio himself and the people close to him at work, but Richard had his ways of finding out what he wanted to know.

"Why exactly do you want the oil mines? You are not one to dabble in that business." Alessio did indeed need the money that Richard was offering, but he would not go down easily and let him know that he was drowning with his father's debts.

"Neither are you Addonizio, but yet now you own some. You know that it's a difficult business."

"Then why do you want them?" Alessio insisted.

"I am a man of risks and this is an opportunity that I can just not run from."

"Come by my office tomorrow at noon, so we can talk about this more."

"I will see you tomorrow then." Richard's face lifted with a smile and he played with the blonde locks of the beauty between his legs. He ended the call and grabbed the young girl by her hair and pulled it so that she would see him. She wiped her chin and gazed at him with lustful eyes.

"Now, I would love to hear more about what you were able to find out today my dear," he said staring intently at the honey eyes in front of him.

"Anything for you Mr. Steel," she purred in his ear. With a wicked smile on her gentle features, and she soon began to unbutton his shirt and kiss his exposed skin.

Richard threw his head back in pleasure and laid his hands on the edges of the couch. His plan to destroy Alessio had just began and so far it was a success.

He had slept with his wife and now he had leverage on him. Alessio needed his money and he knew that he would do anything to keep his company from bankruptcy. Richard was on the right path and nothing would stop him from getting his revenge.


I'm am very sorry that this is late, but I've been having writers block. I know this is pretty short but more to come soon!

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