The Tribute Parade

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                                                                ****Tribute Parade****

             Katniss's P.O.V.

          Gale and Danielle are in tight black outfits like me and Peeta's last year, except they have crowns on top their heads that will be lit on fire and their bodies will glow like coal embers. About 5 minutes before they mount Peeta said "Guys, we have big news." Gale knew what Peeta was gonna say because he knew I loved Peeta and that we were already engaged so that only left that I was gonna have a baby, and you know what Gale didn't even look mad, he looked happy. Then Gale said "What is it Peeta." I then said "I'm pregnant." Cinna said "Well, congratulations, you two will be perfect parents." Portia said "Well, a baby is always a cause for celebration." Gale said  "Congratulations Catnip and Peeta." Danielle said "Congrats Katniss." Our old prep teams were all like "Ohh a baby," "A baby," "Congrats you two."

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