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Daryl walks toward the farmhouse, crossbow slung over his shoulder. The evenings and nights have gotten cold enough for him to get out his winged leather jacket. Merle had given it to him, as a gift.

He felt bad, for what he'd said to Sonora. Thinking back on it, he'd pretty much said she wasn't worth anything to him. On the other hand, she had gone off with Rick and them without saying anything to him or anyone else. And now he was having to go after them, since Lori had damn near guilted Shane into it. Truth be told, he wasn't so much going out for Rick and Glenn as he was for Sonora.

Shane tosses a final rifle in the trunk, but doesn't shut it when the sound of tires on the dirt road catches everyone's attention.

Rick leaves the truck, followed by Hershel and Glenn. Carl and Lori embrace Rick warmly, and Maggie runs toward Glenn.

He had first noticed them making eyes at each other a few days ago. He shakes his head. Good for that little man. He thinks to himself, waiting for Sonora.

"Patricia. Prepare the shed for surgery." Hershel commands, marching directly up the steps to the farmhouse.

The others begin to walk inside, and that's when Daryl sees that she's not there.

"Where's Sonora?" Daryl asks, grabbing Rick by the shoulder.

He looks confused, tilting his head. "She wasn't with us."

Daryl swallows.

"We thought she was with you." Andrea looks between Glenn and Rick worriedly.

"Who the hell is that?" T-Dog points at a blindfolded man in the back of the truck.

"That's Randall." Glenn replies. "Sonora was here when we left, are you sure she's not off hunting or something?"

"All night?" Daryl questions.

"Lets get inside, we can organize a search---" Rick begins.

"Whoa, whoa. Hey. Sonora can take care of herself, we need to talk about this... Problem." Shane gestures at the truck.

Daryl doesn't reply, as infuriating as the remark is. He knows better than to think she can't handle herself, but.... Was it his fault she'd gone and run off?

He stays on the porch a few minutes longer before following the others inside. A cloud passes over the sun, and the chill of autumn crosses the property.

When he goes inside, he gives Carol a small nod in greeting, leaning against the wall in the corner.

"You just gonna let him go?" Shane demands. "He knows where we are."

"He was blindfolded the whole way here. Rick argues. "He's not a threat."

"Not a threat." Shane utters humorlessly. "How man of them were there? You killed three of their men, you took one of them hostage, but they just ain't gonna come looking?"

Rick looks up from the table. "They left---"

The sound of the screen door flying open interrupts the sheriff, and the others turn to look at the entryway.

Dirty and breathless, Sonora stumbles into the dining room, dropping a box on the table.

Daryl lets out a sigh of relief, walking towards the girl. "Where were you? What happened?" He picks a leaf from her hair.

"What's this?" Rick asks, motioning to the box.

Sonora coughs sporadically, hands on her knees, and Maggie pats her back. Lori rises and returns with a glass of water.

"Honey, you look awful." Lori smooths Sonora's hair in a motherly manner.

Sonora walks toward the crate. "I've been getting that a lot lately." She remarks lightly, clicking the box open.

The others stare in awe at the box of sleek, modern looking pistols.

"Where did you find this?" Rick finally asks, turning one of the handguns over in his hand.

"I came to warn you." Her voice is ragged. "I was out hunting, and I found this camp. Maybe twenty, thirty men. They talked about you and Glenn. And Hershel." She pauses. "They're not good people."

"What did they say?" Rick asks, standing.

"They said you killed their men in town, and they were going to go after you." She motions to the box. "They have ten more of these, most of them bigger and with semi-automatics." Sonora looks up at the others. "They're dangerous."

"Did they see you?" Shane asks. "Shit, Sonora, didn't you think they might follow you?"

She closes her eyes in annoyance. "They did not see me. And I covered my trail."

Daryl scoffs quietly. He had taught her that.

"How'd you get so close?" Rick asks.

Sonora looks flustered for a moment. "I was in a tree." She steps forward. "The point is, whatever you did in town made them angry, and if there's any way they can find us, we're in trouble. They're only a few miles out." She points in their direction.

Shane looks pointedly at Rick.

"They left him for dead." Rick shakes his head.

"Who?" Sonora asks, glancing around the room.

"They brought some kid back. Randall." Daryl replies, his arm touching hers. She moves away, and he side glances her, taken aback.

"They think Randall is dead." She tells Rick.

"We should still post a guard." T-Dog suggests.

"He's out cold, right now. He will be for hours." Hershel remarks.

"You know what? I'm gonna go get him so flowers and candy. Look at this, folks. We back in fantasy land." Shane laughs as he walks out the door with a huff.

"You know, we haven't even dealt with what you did at my barn yet." Hershel pipes up. "Let me make this perfectly clear once and for all--" He gets face to face with Shane. "This is my farm. Now I wanted you gone. Rick talked me out of it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. So do us both a favor. Keep your mouth shut."

The others look on in silence as Shane storms out of the house.

Daryl turns to Sonora. "You good?" He asks.

She nods, turning away from him.

"I got your stuff set up in my--- our tent again. It's down by that---" Sonora cuts him off when she walks away from him mid sentence, following Dale toward the RV, the case of guns in tow.

He hoped she would see it as a sort of apology, him setting her stuff up, but he sees the same hurt look in her eyes he had seen the day before. It seemed a real apology was in order, and I that was not Daryl Dixon's forte.

Author's Note

Hey guys, sorry it's been awhile. Lost some motivation because we're sort of at a slow point but we're gonna get past it! Votes comment suggestions always welcome, thanks for reading :). Ps should I do an spn fic???

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