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Monday. The day that everyone wishes didn't exist. Except that for (M/N), he hates every single day that exists. Why? Well, he works at a cafe where all the needy high school boys go to.

Sure, they knew that (M/N) was a cross-dresser, but that didn't stop them from enjoying seeing the male in clothes that would probably never see on a girl. However, people would always compliment (M/N) on how smooth his legs were whenever he would wear shorts, how fair his skin is, and just how he makes boys' hearts swoon the other way.

"(M/N)! Your shift is about to start, hun! Go get ready!" (M/N)'s manager, Choi Youngjae, said as he knocked on the staff lounge door with a bright smile on his face.

"Are there a lot of people here today?" (M/N) asked as he sat up from laying on the bench while stretching his arms.

"There's going to be a full house as long as you're working here," Youngjae said while chuckling a little bit before going to serve a few guests to stall the program just by a little, "by the way, the theme is cute and airy so I put an outfit in your work locker already."

"Okay, thank you."



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Switch on Pov broseph ((broseph is like one of my fav words LOL))

"Annyeonghaseyo~! This is your host Kim (M/N) here as usual. It looks like there are some new people here today, let's hope they stay longer than some of the other rookies." You said making the audience chuckle at your different ways of greeting people.

"Alright, well today we are doing things a little different around here. As everyone knows, this is a dance competition cafe where only the best of the best will be able to become professional. Tonight we have a seven member group that is known for their history at school but also for dancing. Let's bring out the reigning champions of this cafe, Ikon!" You said as the audience clapped with music playing in the background so that the group could come out.

"Now their opponent is a group that is totally new to this cafe, but they have the motivation to win tonight. Coming from the elite performing and art school, let's give a warm welcome for Bts!" You said as the audience once again clapped so that the new group wouldn't seem nervous for their first time coming out.


Both groups finished their dance and it was now time for the audience to talk it over with the group that they brought with them over food. You quickly served every table what was on tonight's menu while talking with the audience here and there.

"(M/N), can you bring the dancers water?" Youngjae asked as you smiled and nodded your head.

Taking 14 water bottles in the back was a huge struggle but you eventually made it backstage and separated the waters since Youngjae wrote the names on each bottle.

"Your favorite person is here~." You said while entering the room that was filled with seven exhausted boys lying on the floor or on each other.

"How'd you think we did?" Hanbin asked as he fanned himself with the shirt that was way too big.

"Good as usual, but tonight you definitely have competition." You said while earning a light push from the boy.

"Yah Hanbin, is that how you treat your younger sister?" Jinhwan said as he lightly punched the boy on the arm while you puffed your lower lip out.

"Hyung, why do you call me a girl?" You whined as you saw a visible blush sweep across his face as he brushed his bangs in front of his eyes so he couldn't make eye contact with you.

"Yah, you have to go through me before dating my little brother." Hanbin said as he puffed out his chest as you playfully rolled your eyes and patted Hanbin on the back before bidding goodbyes with the rest of the members.

You walked over to the competing team to hand them their water, and your feet were killing you. Usually, you're used to wearing those sort of heels, but since you had to do an hour more of serving, it felt like your legs were going to give out at any moment.

"It's just the host, I'm here to bring you water." You said slightly laughing as the seven boys seemed totally startled from your presence.

"Oh annyeong, you're even prettier in person." One of them said as you smiled and thanked him.

"So this is your first time at this cafe?" You asked as all the boys nodded their heads.

"I'm Namjoon, this is Yoongi, Jin, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook." Namjoon said as you bowed to the seven boys as they did the same.

"Okay well, I should probably head back to the front since it's almost time for the results to be out. Good luck boys." You said as you smiled and did a slight bow before walking out the room.


Once again, Ikon won, Hanbin left, and you were all alone. Sure he was your brother, but your parents had left just because of one little thing. And that resulted in your older brother being banned to see you. It was a miracle that he was competing at the cafe that you work at.

Taking a quick sigh, you walked into your room and immediately got to work on your studies


The next day rolled along and since you had a shift to work at the cafe all day today, you decided to play it lazy, and just wear black knee-ripped skinny jeans that hugged your legs perfectly a white oversize t-shirt and a gold chain to compliment your skin.

"Annyeong, (M/N)! You look good as always!" Younjae chirped as he finished wiping down the tables before having his boyfriend write today's menu on the chalkboard.

"Morning, Youngjae and Jaebum." You yawned out before noticing that today was Tuesday...aka one of the busiest days of the work week.

Author's Note
This is gonna be a flop and I apologize lmao

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