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Welcome to a Meet Me chapter!

I made this because Funtime Mangle is not a real character. This chapter introduces you to Funtime Mangle, her personality, friends, etc etc etc. (Sooo many etc's.) Let's begin!

Hello, birthday boys and girls!
I'm Funtime Mangle!
I'm a newer "installment" at Circus Baby's Pizza World. Did I say that right?
I'm dumb.
Maybe my brain got destroyed when a bunch of kids attacked me one day. The people working here no longer wanted to take the time to fix me each and every day.
Tiring work, I know.

(A/N: Here's the part that really tells you about the character...)

Status: Currently taken by Funtime Foxy.
Age: To tell you the truth I have no clue.
Friends: Funtime Foxy, Circus Baby, Bon-Bon.
Randomness Level:  4 and a half maybe.
Insane? You know it.
Crush: I literally just told you. I'm taken by Funtime Foxy.

Hello everyone! Just a quick-and-friendly
Saying that if you'd like to know more, ask!

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