A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 11

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"Yes sir," the captain said stiffly.

None of them even looked at me as they manhandled me out of the room. Half a millennia with the cruelest things that hell have to offer. I tried not to think.

I opened my eyes, fighting the screams back down my throat. I remembered it, every second. I don't remember how long exactly I spent the hall, I don't even remember how I escaped. But I remember the horror. They do things in there that make demon blood run cold, make devils flinch and fallen angels pray to heaven.

I wasn't screaming, but I was shaking. Shuddering really, uncontrollably. There was something warm at my back but it seemed lost to the chill that was spreading through my body. The warmth turned me over and Nick's face came into my view. He took one look at my face and pulled me into his arms.

He was so warm, so comforting, but it was so hard for me to relax. I was fighting with myself to force those memories out of my mind and back into the dark little corner I reserved for them in my memory. With Nick pressing his face against my neck, it was easier to root myself to now, to force the thoughts away.

After a moment, I was what passed for stable. I relaxed fully into Nick's arms.

"I'm okay now," I murmured.

"Bad dream?" he asked softly.

"Something like that," I laughed shakily.

"Well, I was about to wake you up anyways," he smiled against my skin. "Jay just called breakfast."

"Jays cooking?" I leant back look at him. He just grinned. "Ugh, kill me now."

With a laugh, he pulled himself away and rolled of my bed. No, his bed. We were in his room. It was strangely nice surprise. I looked down at myself. I was now in one of my more modest nightgowns, in the sense that despite the plunging neckline, it fell to my knees.

"Nina changed you in case you were wondering," Nick told me. Yawning and stretching out. He was just in a pair of baggy pajama bottoms. And it wasn't half bad. Okay that was an exaggeration, he was gorgeous. He noticed my lingering stare and smiled to himself, swaggering up to me.

I just laughed. Being with Nick helped, helped everything.

"VICTORIA! NICHOLAS! YOU ARE GOING TO STARVE!" Jay's voice yelled up the stairs.

Nick took one look at me and let out his wings. He was already out the door by the time I caught up, let my wings and started running. It was a close race, but

I was faster at diving down the stairs and I made it to the dining room first.

"That was close," Chris said through a mouth full of French Toast. "There are only three plates left."

"Damn," Nick whistled through his teeth. "Just in time."

I shook my head at the pair of them and grabbed a plate. Nick grabbed the other and Chris immediately grabbed the third. Werewolves need their food. I sat between Chris and Justin, Nick across the table from me. I smiled at him before digging into my breakfast. The human wasn't there, but no one asked after him. Besides Matt showing him common courtesy, no one cared about the powerless thing.

Half an hour later we were sprawled out in the living room. The perfect day all over again. Only this time, no one suggested going into any town, we were going to stay here and relax. And we did relax, and it was brilliant.

By the time we'd watched every DVD worth watching, played a game of tackle football in the yard and collapsed again in the living room, we were all exhausted. Even Matt and Justin had taken part in all the pointless time wasting games. Ray was even breathing a little, which was an achievement.

Nina announced that it was only eleven O'clock and lunch needed to be made. No one offered, no one even moved. And no one moved for a long time, until Matt's phone rang and with an annoyed swear, he picked it up. We all exchanged surprised looks, Matt never swore. He just glanced around at us and

laughed, pulling himself off the floor and onto a chair.

"Yes sir?" his voice took on it's business tone. Great. "No, I was not aware," he sounded angry now. "Yes sir. Sir, with all due respect I am only supposed to protect the human when he is here. Yes sir. What he does in his spare time is not my business." He stiffened, eyes sliding to me for half a second before he looked away. "Yes sir."

I was scared now. The way he was holding his back straight, the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice all pointed to him being stressed and worried. Chris put a comforting arm around my shoulders and I leant into it. After yesterday, I wasn't in the mood for any more crises. Please don't let it be a crisis.

Matt hung up, then closed his eyes and rested his head in his hands. We all froze. Matt was... freaked. It almost never happened, but when it did, Lord was it scary. That meant we were in trouble. Actually judging by the look I got, I was in trouble.

"Matt?" Nick said in a quiet voice. "What is it?"

"We need to get Victoria out of here," Matt stood up suddenly. "Now."

Without a glance at anyone else, he grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the room. Since I was still in shock by Matt's erratic behavior, I hardly blamed everyone else for taking a long minute to wake up and follow us out. By the time I started asking questions, everyone was there with us.

"What's going on Matt?" I demanded.

"It appears that our human friend has decided he didn't want the job," Matt said curtly.

"Well he didn't last long," Justin muttered.

"So what has that got to do with dislocating my arm?" I asked angrily as Matt pulled me up the stairs, two at a time.

"He sold you out," Matt grit out. "To Ryder."

I tripped on the step, suddenly feeling very numb inside. Ryder... was he coming after me? How had the human even met him? How did Ryder find out I was in this body?

Matt made an impatient noise and pulled me along faster. Chris recovered fast, grabbing my other arm and pulling me along. I didn't think I would have remembered to breathe if Nina hadn't been telling me to gently from behind me.

"We have to get you out of here," Matt said. "The government has a car on its way to take you to the airport. They have this location, you're not safe here."

"But-" I tried to think. "You can't stay here either, none of you. They'll-"

"We'll be fine," Ray cut me off.

"You won't!" I tried desperately, but we were already at my room. Matt pushed me and Nina inside.

"Nina, help her pack them come join us in my room," then they were gone.

"Come on," Nina's voice was barely above a whisper. "Let's get you packed and gone."

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