Chapter 24

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Poor David 😂 anyways hope you enjoy! 😂

Liza's POV :
Gabbie slammed onto the breaks and looked in front of her. She let out a laugh and smiled.
I look up and see David and Zane right in front of us smiling, I just smile and laugh.

*Time Skip To The Hospital*

We all walk inside the hospital, Zane and Gabbie go to find a nurse to get help.
Liza - "D- David what happened to you?!"
David - "I got into a little car accident but I'm okay"
Liza - "WHAT?!" "A- a car accident?! Oh my god, no this baby can wait we need to get you checked, now"
David - "No- honestly I'll be okay, we just need to get you some help"
I went to speak again but Gabbie and Zane cut me off.
Gabbie - "Here we got a wheelchair and a nurse said to go to floor 3 and they can help us there"
David - "Okay lets-"
David suddenly dropped to the floor and nurses rushed over.
Nurse 1 - "Does anyone know what happened to him?"
Zane - "Uh- h-he was in a car accident about an hour ago"
Nurse 2 - "Okay we need to get him into theatre, I think he's hot internal bleeding. Someone get me a bed, we need to get him into theatre now!"
Multiple nurses rushed about finding a bed and getting David on it. We watched him get wheeled away down a hallway, then he disappeared...

Hehe... I'm sorry for leaving you on a cliffhanger 😂 I'll be posting the next chapter tomorrow. Have a good day or night!  Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

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