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Chapter One (Revised)

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 The boy awoke with a start. He groggily sat up and brushed his shaggy blonde hair out of his sea blue eyes, then with a bit of effort stood up.

 'Who... who am I?' He thought, scared of not knowing why he was on the middle of nowhere or who he even was. He couldn't remember a thing, not even the tiniest of details about his past. 'Where am I?'

 Looking around at the lush greenery and variety of flora, he appeared to be in a forest or even a jungle of some sort. Why he was there though, that was the real question.

 'Okay, I have figured out where I am, sort of, but it'd be nice to know who I am or even just where I came from.'

 The boy walked around for a little bit, trying to figure out his surroundings or find a town of some sort, until he came across a stone pathway. He followed it for what seemed like an eternity, though it was only but an hour, before he finally arrived at the doorstep of a small wooden shack that had looked to be abandoned for many years. Pushing on the door, it creaked open and he stepped inside, seeing the mess of cobwebs and random bits of junk scattered across the old home. He walked around, carefully avoiding the broken glass and rusty nails which stuck up from the old floorboards. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something. The boy walked over to it and carefully picked it up, removing the cloth that fell over it. It was revealed to be an old sword inside of a leather sheath, which he promptly took out. The iron blade was dented, chipped and had already rusted a fair amount. The edge was still slightly sharp, although it looked like it would crumble if even the smallest amount of force was pressed against it.

 As he swung it about, trying to get a feel for the weapon, a sharp pain exploded in his head and all of a sudden he could see himself, or a memory of himself, fighting off a horde of enemies with surprising ease. Then, as quickly as it came, the memory faded. The boy tried grasping at the air, as if that would somehow bring it back, but it was to no avail. Still, it helped him realize that even if things seemed calm now, he would need a weapon in the long run. So grabbing some rope he had found in the shack the boy quickly tied the sword around his waist. He then saw some clothes hanging off a nail and, looking at his own tattered rags, decided he would change.

 Soon enough he was dressed in a white cotton tunic which had a collar at the neck, black pants of the same material and brown boots. He draped a black apron over himself, deciding that if he needed to he could use it as a blanket when night came. Grabbing a pack he stuffed his old clothes inside, for sentimental reasons if nothing else, put it on his back and continued on his journey, leaving no trace he'd ever been there (except for the stolen goods, of course).

 He followed the path some more until found himself on a long dirt road, where he saw a light just up ahead. When he saw it moving around, he realized that it was a person and wasted no time sprinting to catch up to them. When he had finally made it, he saw that the light had come from a carriage and that a middle aged man was driving it.

 "Hello sir," the boy started. "I was wondering if you know where the nearest town is."

 "I do." The man said smiling. "It's only a few days walk following the road. However it seems to be getting dark, and you'd have to deal with the beasts of the forest." As if to emphasize this, a wolf could be heard howling in the distance. "How about for tonight, you stay in my carriage while I drive, and then in the morning we could either travel together or go our separate ways. I'll just wake you up in the morning if you want."

 The boy didn't have to ponder it. The man seemed nice enough and it would mean being safe, at least just for that night. Besides, if anything went wrong at least he had a sword to defend himself with, and apparently the skill too, if that memory was any indication.

 "Sure, I'd love to." He grinned, and climbed in.

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