Chapter I

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I pulled my blond hair up, wrapping it up in a messy top bun as if it was a robotic movement. It was too early this morning to even think about doing anything other than a bun. The god awful school uniform hung on my body. The black skirt seemed slightly too short, reaching inches above my knee. The navy blue button up tucked neatly into the skirt as its sleeves were rolled up to my elbows. I slipped into some knee-high soaks and then into some worn out combat boots. I stood in front of the large mirror that covered my wall. I was pretty average honestly. The average height, blonde hair that hung to my lower back. My eyes that where a dull gray color and a perfect smile due to the braces I had while I was in middle school. I wasn't ugly but I wasn't that girl who was always being asked on tons of dates. I haven't actually been on any real dates.

I skipped down stairs to find that my mom already left for work. As I drank some hot coco and ate a bagel I looked at the calendar. 58 more days and I'm out of here. I grabbed two little blue pills and swallowed them before grabbing my keys and left to st. Charles high school... a living nightmare for those with intelligence. I hated going to school, everything about it. Walking through the hall, people pushing into me as they shoved by me like I wasn't even there. I held my breath trying to get to my class. I finally let out my breath as I scattered into my class sitting in the back. I barely paid any attention to the boring English class. Frankenstein wasn't the most capturing topic. My mind was only focused on the news my mom broke to me yesterday.

He's back.

Zaden is back.

Zaden Voss had picked on me since I learned to walk. He is a 3 years older than me and did everything in his power to piss me off. He was sent off to some strict private military school in his sophomore year because his parents thought it would be good for him. He has been reckless before he left. He was pulled into the wrong crowd. That's when his drinking started, the endless parties, him going missing without a words for days at a time.

My mom told me that tonight we have to go have dinner with his family. His mother and mine have been best friends since they were kids and lived on the same block. Lucky for me that means I see him way more than I would have liked.

Class after class the day went by... soon I found myself sitting in my jeep staring straight out the window at nothing in particular. I have to get home but if I go home I'll have to go to the diner and see him. I slowly turned the key and started the jeep. I took the long way home and slowly parked the jeep before going into the house. I noticed my moms car wasn't here which meant she was still at work.

I got in the house and jogged up stairs, I so needed a shower. I stripped my clothes and jumped in the ice cold water. I felt goosebumps rise on my skin. Cold shower always calmed me down. It made me feel refreshed. Soon enough I had to convince myself to get out and to get ready. I slowly slipped out the shower, letting the water drip on to the marble ground. I slipped into a white lace panties and a white laced bra. I heard the door open, it was probably my mom so I didn't think much of it. I slowly slipped out the bathroom making my way to my room.

There in my room stood a tall figure near my desk. He seemed as if he was looking at that things that sat on my desk.

I let out a blood curling scream and threw the closest thing that was near me which happened to be a pillow. The tall figure turned around with wide eyes as the pillow hit his face, falling to the floor. Standing in front of me was about a 6 foot something, tall buffy guy. His brown hair was messy and his light eyes traveled my body as mine traveled his.


There in front of me, in my room while I was basically naked stood Zaden. I watched as his eyes were still glued to my body, then it hit me hard. I had nothing on but a bra and undies! I let out another scream and ran out of my room and going into the bathroom locking the door. I slid down the door resting on the cold marble floor breathing hard. I felt as if I was losing my breath, as the most simplest thing as breathing became rocket science.

No not now, please not a panic attack. I was holding myself together, it's been awhile since I had a full blown panic attack. I heard a soft knock on the bathroom door and I held my breath as I shut my eyes tightly. He's still here, he is right behind the door.

"Nova" that deep husky voice that I haven't heard in 3 years spoke from the other side of the door. I didn't say anything hoping he would just leave. I heard a few curses mumbled under his breath before I heard loud steps walking away. I sat there on the cold floor for some time. I didn't think my legs would hold me if I stood up.

"Nova!" I heard my mom's voice yell through the house.

"WHAT!?" I yelled back. I slipped out the bathroom pulling over a hoodie.

"Hurry! get ready, we leave in 20 minutes!" she yelled and my eyes got wide. I don't want to go anywhere near him. I slipped on some faded jeans and walked down stairs to see my mom prancing around the kitchen. She turned around and looked at me with a frown.

My mom was a single parent, pregnant at 19 and my "father" ditched her. I looked just like her, the same blond hair, the same no colored eyes, the dimples and the high cheek bones.

She was in her late thirties and had silent wrinkles near her eyes but other than that she was perfect. She has always been there for me, she is my best friend, she's the one who helps me through the panic attacks and the anxiety. I hated that she would always get worried for me but I get it, she cared a lot about me. She's a mother that what they do. They worry about you and they love you too no means.

"You can't go in that" she said pointing to my clothes. She stood there in a nice pencil skirt and floral blouse from work.

"Why not?" I asked frowning. I wasn't feeling like dressing up and looking all nice. I didn't even want to go out to this dinner.

"It's a fancy diner at a fancy restaurant, most of his family is going to be there." my mom told me pushing me up to the stairs. There was no winning with her is there.

"Which dress?" I asked her softly and my mom gave me a warm smile.

"The black one from that one wedding we went to." she said and I smiled going up stairs. I slipped off the clothes and slipped on the dress. It was a tight all black dress with long sleeves, it was a few inches above my knee. I curled my hair fast and did my make up. I slipped on my nude colored heels and ran down stairs to see my mom waiting for me.

"You look beautiful Vee" she said smiling brightly at me. I just smiled back not wanting to start any drama. If it was my choice I would have just gone in jeans. It's just the Voss family. They were basically our family. Why would I have to dress up for a Zaden coming back dinner.

"I get it from my mom" I said and she laughed as we made our way to her car and drove off to wherever.

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