Chapter Sixteen- Oh I'm Dying Not To Meet You

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I'M DYING, OH I'M DYING -- for the next Legend of Korra episode! Okay, isn't it awfully sad that I am in high school and I am in love with a children's show? But it is amazing! Anyway away from the odd revelation that I like children shows, I would like to thank TarnishedHearts for the awesome cover on the right. Check out her page when you get the chance!


Chapter Sixteen- Oh I'm Dying Not To Meet You

June 19th: New Moon

    We pulled into a crappy motel fit with bed bug infested beds and mold filled baths. Andy, Dylan, and Courtney had been smart to go to a different place down the road, but Joseph and Blue Eyes insisted that we stay the night here. I'm pretty sure that it was some kind of special torture they'd devised in order to get me to stop freaking out. Personally, I thought I was doing rather well considering I'd stopped the yelling. There was now the issue though that I knew somethings of my past, but they were all messed up in my brain like a puzzle that it was very frustrating. 

    Considering I hadn't let Joseph and Blue Eyes in on the fact, they thought I was still having a mental break down with the werewolf thing. At first I was surprised that Blue Eyes wasn't surprised Joseph knew that I knew the secret. Then again, he apparently was some kind of mind reader so it shouldn't have been much of a shock anyway. 

    On the topic of mind reading, I wouldn't be totally freaked if he actually was one. Okay, maybe I would be freaked, but what with werewolves running amuck couldn't there be a lot of other things possible as well? Which also led me to the random question of whether the tea had more to do with the supernatural than the blunt lie that it had to do with the immune system. I mean, I so wasn't falling for that trick anymore! 

    "You can have the bed, Amanda," spoke Joseph who had already made himself a not so comfy looking bed on the ground. In all honesty, though, I would take the floor over the bed any day in this motel. Once again, I was starting to think this was special torture for me going into panic mode in the car. 

    "I think I'll pass on that offer," I said, grabbing a pillow that didn't look as disgusting as the others. "You can have the bed instead Blue Eyes."

    His cold glare radiated throughout the room as he shifted it between me and the bed. I wasn't sure whether he was angry at me in general, or that I'd called him Blue Eyes, or that he now had to sleep on the bed so as not to look "ungrateful". Either way, the glare I recieved was totally unappreciated and I felt like I should be treated better considering I'd only a while ago had a mental breakdown. That should at least count for something! 

    "Why don't we all just sleep on the floor?" he countered, raising his eyebrows as if daring me to say otherwise. He needed to learn by now though that I had some serious stuborn issues that weren't going away anytime soon. 

    "There won't be enough room with your hot air filled head down here." Joseph actually laughed at my comment which fueled my confidence all the more. Yeah, just try to bring me back to mental breakdown state Blue Eyes! Just you try! 

    "You are the biggest bitch I've ever met," he said. Before I knew it I was being pinned onto the bed with him hovering way to close to my face. I couldn't believe I was in this situation for about the zillionth time now. Weren't we supposed to be mad at each other or something? Did that seriously involve pinning anotheer to a bed because that's not what I would do if I were mad at someone. Now where was that golf club when I needed it?

    "Now let's keep this PG-13 kids," called Joseph. 

    "I hate you," Blue Eyes spat in my face. It grossed me out that I tried getting my hands out of his grip to wipe the spit off my face, but they were a bit tied up. 

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