chapter-6 "court"

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Jaques directed me through a long corridor leading to many rooms

It was very dark so I could not make out where he was taking me to. Soon he stopped in front of a huge door which I assumed to be my room the guard opened the gate.

I was awestruck by the beauty of the room a huge chandelier hung on the ceiling a king size bed along with two lamps on each side of the bed a door led to the bathroom.

"You like it, princess?" Jaques asked me "yes, yes very much" I replied still taking in the beauty of the room "great, so I must leave now you should get some rest tomorrow is a big day for you, if you need anything you can just inform the guards they'll be outside your room"

Then Jaques disappeared d into the dark hall closing the huge door behind him. I decided to explore the room so I walked to a door. I opened it, the door led to a to a huge closet with all types of dresses and clothes in it. But they were all either black or red but they were extremely pretty,  I changed into a black nightgown which fitted my body perfectly showing all the right curves.

It was a very sexy dress but comfortable too . I brushed my teeth and went to bed it was hella comfy I snuggled in the blanket and soon drifted off to sleep.

I woke up and went to the bathroom to take a shower I then changed into a red gown which wasn't too sparkly nor too ordinary it was simply georgeous it fitted me perfectly like it was made just for me I tied my hair in messy bun and put some red lipstick on

I looked in the mirror and no doubt I was looking absolutely stunning

I thought how Jaques will react after seeing me like this

I was about to exit the room when the guards opened the door and a very handsome Jaques walked in as usually wearing all black

He walked over to me ,checked me out and said with a smirk "looking sexy, princess"

I blushed a little. I was now more then excited to start the day..!

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