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Lost in time and space there she is, Cara Green, sitting calm, waiting. Anyone who knows Cara will know she is never calm, but her present predicament calls for it. She is seated comfortably on a leather chair which should already have her butt frame sculpted on it, given the fact it is her go-to chair when visiting. Cara knows the posture which is most comfortable:  Her legs spread out, her back pressed on the chair in a way that gives her backaches when she stands up, her left hand resting on the arm of the seat, and her right hand resting on her lips. Her teeth chewing down on her fixed black nails, in an un-ladylike manner. Another thing Cara isn't, ladylike.

Two weeks ago, Cara got a call that broke her heart. Not that boy leaving you heartbreak, but the heartbreak of knowing you might lose the person that brings you ice cream and suggest you egg his car. Her mum, Brianna Green, the most incredible woman ever and one can say she is a superhero.  At the age of 53, Brianna is what the present age kids will call "lit", she had this crazy way of thinking and she's definitely the reason Cara ended up the way she did. Independent, strong-willed, funny, a total psycho and most of all, a person with a good heart, that's who Cara is. But at this moment in time, Cara is not feeling independent.

Cara's late father would always tell her that she was exactly like her mum in terms of character, he would say, "Attitude like your mama but a face like mine." She was her dad's twin, jet black hair with wild curls, ocean blue eyes and beautiful freckles spread across her cheeks. Martin Green was a fire-fighter, he died five years ago fire fighting and that was when Cara experienced her first heartbreak.

Cara eyes glued to the heart monitor realizing how delicate that machine is, and how a straight line will lead to an end to everything. The sound of the door opening brings Cara back to the painful reality.

The test results are out.

This is the last place Dr. Andrew wanted to be at, mostly because he is frightened of Cara.


Cara had teased the young doctor about having sex with him in his office, with her back bent on his table. In Cara's defense, it was fun to tease him, it helped her pass time plus the poor guy is always mortified.

His facial expressions are everything.

That is why he didn't even need to talk, Cara can see that her mum's condition has gotten really bad from his shaky hands, the sweat running down his face and his feet planted in one position.

"How bad is it?" she stands up, ignoring the backache from her "comfortable position."

"S-she needs surgery, soon."

Cara falls back on the chair, the new information is hard to process, and she feels everything is happening so fast.

Dr. Andrew on the other hand didn't expect his announcement to go this smoothly, so he isn't going to ruin it by comforting her. He slowly backs away, leaving Cara to the dreadful news that her mum is dying.

Brianna always hated the word "cancer", most of her friends fought the virus and lost. As dramatic as Brianna is, she would rather die in a club while living her life to the fullest, than being trapped with heart monitors, tubes and an oxygen mask. If she can see herself right now, she will throw up.

Ovarian cancer, within the span of two weeks, Cara knew all she needs to know about it, which is surprising because Cara is not the book type. She feels so useless at the moment because her mum doesn't need her knowledge, she needs money.

And Cara didn't have any.

The heart monitor, the treatments and everything are already too much for a bartender at Geisel's, now surgery?  That is above her.

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