Middle School.

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Wendy's P.O.V.

 Today's my very first day of middle school! My big sister, Lucy is on her way to her junior year of high school. I'm so excited for her!

I walk into my first class. I'm still kinda getting used to the whole switching thing. I know that we used to switch classes during elementary school, but that was only once or twice a day! Now, in middle school, we have to switch classes over 6 times! It's amazing!

I walk into my homeroom,  and looked at my schedule. Magic classes? I mean, cool and all but to we really have to fight just to prove our strength? We could end up hurting each other, or worse!

My homeroom teacher is Mr. Macao, and he uses rainbow fire magic, I think. I can't wait to see all of my friend's magic, and to find out mine too! I don't want to be considered a powerhouse, because I absolutely hate fighting! 

I'd like something simple. Something that isn't destructive, like a maker magic, or celestial magic. I love caring for others. In fact, my friend Chelia told me," Wendy, you're so kind, you can get anyone to like you, even bad guys." 

My cat, whose name is Carla, even has magic! She turned into what Chelia called an 'exceed.' She can use Aera magic, which enables her to fly, and she can even talk to me. She treats me like a child, and calls me one too I guess I kinda am, even though I'm way taller than her.

Me and Chelia always fall. Literally. We can trip on almost anything, even normal, clean floors. We always land on our faces, and we always take responsibility on problems, but then turn into a crybaby about it. I guess that does make us children, even though we're in middle school. 

I'm  hoping that magic can help me learn and grow, and I'm hoping to just me a normal girl in middle school. There's nothing that could ever change that, except for one thing. Transfer students. Allow me to explain.

Our school was introduced to magic, and we borrowed a device called the Magic Power Finder,  or MPF for short. When you cast a spell or attack it, it gives you a number. This will determine your rank in the school, and everyone will be tested. The lowest rank is normal, with no special powers, only attending normal classes. The next is mid-class, which exceeds normal, but isn't exactly a full-on powerhouse. Above that is S-Class, which are powerhouses, and get special classes. But the highest rank in Fairy Tail Mid is C-Class, where go get to go to the high school and study with the high school S-Class wizards. I doubt most people will get that honor, after all, they'd have the power to defeat high school wizards and maybe accidentally destroy the whole school. Seriously?

The test will be at the end of the week, after everyone has discovered and has gotten comfortable with their types of magic, we will have an event that the high school students will also see us be sorted. The scores of 0-500 will be considered normal, 501 - 900 will be mid-class, 901- 1999 will be considered S-Class, and 2000+ will be considered C-Class. Most people will either be normal or mid-class, since there are such high ranges. It is estimated that only 10-15 people will make it to S-Class, and only about 5 will make it to C-Class. Insane, right? Like I said, I'm only aiming for mid-class. People are already betting on what position they're gonna place!

Everybody is aiming for C-Class, so I often see people outside training and practicing. In fact, I know I'm probably not gonna achieve S-Class, or better yet, C-Class, because the event is starting in 4 days, and I don't even know what type of magic I can use. 

They say that if you can't find your magic even the day before the event, there is no chance of you becoming a C-Class Wizard. Some people wanted to change that, so they didn't bother learning their magic, but others say you can barely make it into mid class without training.

This whole time, I was thinking about the event, and I wasn't listening in class! Oh no! How am I going to learn what type of magic I'm gonna use if I don't even pay attention in class? Luckily, Mr. Macao doesn't seem to be noticing that everyone was spacing out, just like me. When he looked at the seating chart, he frowned at me. Ah! Am I in the wrong place?!

"Don't worry Wendy," he said as he saw my panicked face," My son is supposed to be seated next to you, but I think he's outside, practicing. He never listens. Would you mind fetching him from the field outside, behind the back of the school?"

"Yes sir."  I replied, thankful I wasn't in any real trouble. Getting a wizard from the back of the school? That shouldn't be too hard." He uses Rainbow Fire Magic." Macao called as I walked to the door. I nodded, and ran outside to find a lot of people training. I  grabbed the nearest megaphone(teachers use it all the time) and shouted "YOU ALL NEED TO GET TO CLASS!"

"CAN'T YOU SEE WE'RE TRAINING?!" they all yelled back.

Now I was fuming. I calmed down with a deep breath, and remembered who I was looking for.

I ran past them to the back of the school, and saw a sweating boy holding a purple  flame.' That must be him!' I thought triumphantly.

I ran up to him."Are you Romeo Conbolt?" I asked in a polite tone and smiling sweetly at him.

"Y-Yeah," he stuttered," But w-what are you doing back here?" he asked.

'Your dad sent me to get you. Are you training for this Friday?" I asked.


"So that's rainbow fire magic, huh? It's pretty cool." I said, keeping my smile. "I still need to figure out what kind of magic I use. Oh, sorry! My name is Wendy. Wendy Marvell."

"Nice to meet you, Wendy. I'm sure you'll find your magic soon enough." he said.

"Let's get back to class," I said, scratching my cheek in nervousness.

"Okay! My training was tiring anyway!" he said laughing.

"I noticed." I said, laughing with him.

"Now come on! I don't want to make dad mad!" he said grabbing my hand and running into the building. I blushed and looked down. 'He's pretty cute and seems like a cool guy.' I thought.' Wait, what? No, no, no, Wendy, you do not have a crush on the first day of school! Whatever.' I shook the thought and ran into the classroom with Romeo. Macao looked at us, along with the entire class, and everyone grinned at us. We looked at them with a weird expression, then looked down. We were still holding hands. I panicked, and we quickly let go and faced the other way, scratching our heads and blushing like crazy.

"Awww, look everyone! The first day of middle school and my son's already got himself a girlfriend." Macao teased, laughing.

"DAAAAD! SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Romeo yelled, clearly embarrassed.

"Then how do you explain your cute hands?" Chelia said, smiling at me.


Apparently, before class, Chelia told the class how she shipped me and Romeo, and even made a name for us, RoWen. After I shouted at Chelia, she tapped on her desk, which was a signal, and everyone, including Macao, shouted,


We both fumbled our way back to our desks, and we realized we still sit next to each other, with Chelia on the other side of me. I was so embarrassed, I hid my face, and Romeo did the same. This was going to be a long day.


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