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Cartoonz pov.

I had brought in my stuff when my phone rang.

"Where here... I think come out." Evan says.
"Who is?" I ask as I pull on my shoes which I had just taken off.
"Me, Del, jiggly and Craig." He replies.
"Okay. I'm going to get ya." I say and look at Ryan.
"I'm going to get the guys okay?" He nods then stuffs his bunny under a pillow. I leave the room.

I walk out of the building to find Evan and the guys goofing around on the front steps.

"Hey Luke!" Evan calls and starts making his way towards me. "Come on. It's cold out." I turn and walk in with the guys trailing behind me.

"Damn the stage is huge!" Mini says. I smile. "Welcome to my new home." I say as I turn around and start walking backwards.

"Where's Ryan?" Del asks. "In our room. Come on." I say and lead them to the rooms.

"Our?" He asks a bit of anger and curiosity in his tone. "Long story." I tell him as I open the door to my room.

"Ryan!" Del says and runs over to his best friend.

"To loud." He says with a smile and Del giggles. "sorry." He whispers.

"You know you don't have to wear your hat around us." Jiggly says.

"I know." He says and lifts up his hat. His ear twitch and everyone smiles.

"How about we play a game?" Evan says.

"Hide and seek? with the whole cast!?" Ryan asks suddenly excited.

"Sure. You and Luke will got get them." Craig says. Ryan jumps out of his bed, grabs my arm and pulls me out of my room.

"I ship it." I hear Craig say  before the door closes. Ryan's face turns bright red but he ignores the comment.

"Okay. Let's ask everyone but Margaret strange and Sergei." He says and I nod.

Time skip.

After at least 30 minutes we had everyone ready.

"Okay. Me and John will be the seekers. You have twenty seconds to hide. Ready?" Evan says.

Everyone replied with a yeah and he goes into my room with Del.

This will be fun.

Ryan's pov.

I had put my hat back on as Evan and Del went into my room to count.

I smiled and ran. I was small and it was easy to hide.

I ran to the stage and started tapping the wood.

One plank went in as I tapped it. I smiled. I pried it open and squeezed inside. The wood was fresh so I didn't need to worry about splinters.

The stage must've been newly built because underneath was extremely clean.

I say threw the breaks in the wood that someone ran past me. Probably to the other side of the stage.

"Ready or not here we come!" I heard Evan yell. I felt giddy and knew they would never find me.

????? Pov.

We had gotten inside the building, staying back in the corner hidden.

"Target is coming your way." I hear from my ear piece. I saw him he ran to the stage and started tapping the wood.

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