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Cece's P.O.V.

It's been two years now that Jace confessed his feelings to me and sometimes it still feels surreal to me. Not only did I get to pass high school on time without going to summer school for math, but I got my best friend back. I don't have one, but two best friends; Jace and Chace.

After we graduated, we all took a road trip in order to get to know each other better; Jace and Chace really, but we all discovered something new about one another as days went by.

Jace and I were-were still together since that night he confessed his feelings. We have grown as a couple and as individuals. Jace and I didn't go to the same university which was a little hard at first. We have been making it work so far even when it's so hard. Like I always say, if we want something, no obstacle in the middle will stop us from getting it. And we want to be together, so being thousands of miles away isn't going to stop us from being together. He's attending Temple, while I'm at UCLA with Chace. Chace and I have been sharing an apartment since we started school and so far it's been great. We have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a small living with a small kitchen. Chace and I barely see each other during the day since we both have different schedules, but we spend most nights together since I am done with my classes by 7 and Chace by 8. After that we spend time together, I video chat Jace and he, Brie, we go out to eat, we go out to a party. We study together, even though now we have different classes.

Speaking of Chace, Brie and him were still together. I am really happy of that really. They were in different university like Jace and me, but they have made it work so far as well. Brie is good for Chace and I know that they will last. There was just something that Brie completed in Chace that anyone who didn't know Brie could see it in Chace's eyes. He was completely in love with her and was always talking about her and definitely not the guy he was in high school. He talked about her to everyone. He mentioned her whenever he got the chance. He loved showing her off and she was his prize possession in a great way. He had someone beside me and his cousin now to love and care for and it was great. I was happy for Chace. I was happy he had finally found someone he could share the love he had with someone he really cared about. Somehow I knew they would end up married before me and I would be right there beside Chace supporting him.

Tanner and Stella are still together and let's just say, I'm an aunt to 1-year-old Bradley. They didn't stop going to school and all that. They just had to drop their dream university and go to one near our neighborhood. The good thing was that they both had supporting families and they have been able to work through it. They have their own apartment, just a few minutes from my parents' and Stella's parents'. Tanner and Stella go to school, work and obviously have struggled, but so far have made it through thus far. It was a little surprising I guess that they would be the first to have a kid. I don't know, I personally didn't expect my twin to have a kid this young. He kind of had a plan for his life and kids weren't in it this young, but he loved his baby and he was happy.

Aiden and Gabi only lasted 8 months. When my brother became more popular and captain of the football team the following season of football year in the recommendation of Jace and Tanner he let it go to his head and he was being a little shit to Gabi. They had now graduated high school and were going to be attending school together in the fall. They had been spending time together since they were both planning to go for nursing. Aiden had also gotten a football scholarship. Gabi a soccer scholarship. I don't know where I came from. I never got a scholarship in my life. Somehow I see Aiden and Gabi reuniting in university and making a life together. I think that would be something to see. I think it also didn't work out because Aiden was too ignorant, too self-absorbed. Only cared about football. Now, he sees in college, yes, being an athlete can get you somewhere, but really only a few people are your true friends and that's Gabi to him. And that's what he has to worry about. Gabi's feelings still haven't changed. That's one thing for sure. She's great, smart and loyal and that's what Aiden shouldn't take advantage of again. Because girls like Gabi are not going to wait long for a guy to see that.

"I have a question to ask you" I look to my side and see Chace. We were currently driving up back home. Our semester was over and we were headed home for the summer. Jace got home yesterday with everyone else and Chace and I were the last ones.

"What is it?"

"What if I told you I wanted to propose to Brie? Tonight at the bonfire?" I jump up and turn to him smiling.


"Yeah, I got a ring a few days ago. I'm nervous, I don't know if she'll say yes, though. I'm ready to take the next step with her. I love her, you know that. She knows that. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that by now and I see a future with her even if it includes one way or another Jace in it." I laugh at that.

"Oh my god. I'm so happy about that. Of course, she'll say yes, Chace. Why wouldn't she say yes?"

"I don't know?" He shrugs one hand on the wheel the other on the hand rest.

"Where is it?"

"Where's what?"

"The ring, dude."

"Oh" He takes it out his pocket and hands a red velvet box to me. Opening it up, I find a beautiful, yet simple, delicate ring inside it.

"It's beautiful and I think she'll say yes. You should go for it. God, Chace, who would have thought you would want to propose?" He laughs.

"It calls growing up" He says.

"Yes, it is."

That night Chace face timed me after the bonfire and told me Brie had said yes. He couldn't wipe the smile off his face. But who could blame him really? He was happy. He was going to marry the girl he loves really soon.

"Why are you grinning like that?" Jace asks me entering my room.

"Brie said yes" he looks at me confused.

"Yes, to what?"

"Chace proposed to her tonight. After the bonfire." I say once he sits by me on my bed.

"It's that serious? Wow. My baby sister is getting married before me" he says shocked. I laugh.

"You're stupid."


"She's older than you" He thumps my forehead and then leans in to kiss me.

"You're supposed to be on my side."

"Yeah, whatever. You and Tanner are the same, always pretending to be the older twin"

"We are" He argues.

"No, the girls are older"

"But look way younger"

"Which comes in handy"

"It does. You're not mad you didn't know?" I ask

"No, Brie loves that idiot." He says and lays beside me cuddling me on him

"And he loves her dearly"

"He does. I'm happy for the both of them" Jace whispers and kisses my head.

"So, when are you proposing?" I ask jokingly

"Soon, just don't get ahead of yourself" He says making my heart skip.

"I love you Ce"

"I love you, too, tutor boy" I say and kiss his chest.

Sorry, this took forever. Let me know what you thought of the epilogue. Did you expect this story's epilogue to end like this? I don't know if I'll do bonuses and if I do when. Also, thank you for a thousand reads!

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