Chapter 20: Alain's Outburst

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[Name], Alain, Mairin and Steven arrived by helicopter at Steven's father's company.

"Come on!" Mairin said as she jumped off the helicopter and onto the helicopter pad.

"Chespin ches!" Chespie exclaimed and followed after his trainer. [Name] and Absol hopped out after Mairin and Chespie wen over to look at the view.

"Wow! What an incredible view!" Mairin gasped.

"Be careful!" [Name] warned as Mairin looked over the bars but Mairin and Chespie wasn't listening.

"This is the Devon Corporation Chespie! It's Steven's father's company!" Mairin told her Chespie.

"Absol!" Absol grunted as his trainer was looking around.

"I'm guessing that Steven is already inside." [Name] said looking up at the building that was in front of them.

"I'm going on." Alain said. Mairin and Chespie looked at him.

"Hey wait!" Mairin exclaimed and ran after Alain. [Name] looked back and saw Mairin talking to Alain about something that he should wonder around a bit more. [Name] sighed.

"Come on Absol, let's go in!" [Name] smiled at her Absol. Absol nodded then trotted after his trainer. When they got in, they were greeted by Steven who lead the way into another room.


"This is the ocean that is approximately a hundred miles from Rustboro City." Steven showed a moving image of the ocean. While Steven and Alain was talking to Lysandre, Mairin and Chespie were with [Name] and Absol.

"Come on just spit it out!" [Name] sighed, her Absol wouldn't let her go into the room where Steven was talking to Alain.

"Absol!" Absol growled and shook his head.

"Chespin ches!" Chespie exclaimed trying to reason the disaster pokemon.

"Chespie's right! Come on Absol! Lysandre isn't that bad!" Mairin agreed with Chespie.

"If you don't let go, I'll have to force you back you know." [Name] said and took out Absol's pokeball. Absol let out a growl of defeat then let go of [Name]'s scarf. [Name] smiled and petted Absol's head. "That's a good boy, after this I'll make you some macarons!".

"You better," Absol snorted and led the way into the room. When they got into the room, Mairin and Chespie went straight to the large window to look at the view.

"What's that moving object?" [Name] asked as she walked over.

"We believe that it's the continent pokemon, Groudon." Steven answered.

"Did you say...?" Mairin began.

"Stunning," Alain commented.

"The pokemon had been said to have expanded the continents." Lysandre said as Mairin walked over.

"Is that really a pokemon?!" Mairin exclaimed.

"You've never heard of Groudon?" [Name] raised her one of her eyebrows. Mairin shook her head.

"Of course I have!" She shook her head.

"Now take a look at this." Lysandre showed an image that looked like Groudon.

"Could it be... primal reversion?" Steven gasped.

"Indeed," Lysandre nodded.

"What is that?"Alain asked. Steven looked at Alain and explained that what he read about it was when a pokemon takes back it's true form and it's original powers.

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