Snowball fight

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"Charlotte!!!!!!!I am going to kill you!!!"Screamed neville joking as i throw a snowball at the back of his head

He chases after me throwing snowballs at me,which he failed at as he kept missing.

I am wearing my necklace from Neville and every two seconds,I cant help but look down and admire it or hold.I am running out of breath and start to slow down.

"Right stop stop,I am sorry,forgive me?"I say with a smile breathing heavily.I surrender"

"Fine i will get you back one day though"He says smiling,i sigh a sigh of releif and fall into the deep snow.

We lay there for about ten minutes in the snow looking up at the sky.

"I love christmas with you Neville"I say

"I dont know what i am going to do when i go home,i will miss you so much"I say sadly

"I feel so useless not being able to do anything about,if you told someone then it will be all better and you could move out"He said

"No!,Dont you even think about telling anyone,you promised"i say sitting up.

Neville sat up with me "I wont i promise,i just think it is wrong not telling anyone and i feel terrible but i will not tell anyone i know you would be very upset if i did."

"I know you wouldnt,I know you dont like it but i promise you it is for the best if i keep quiet"I sigh

"I am sorry for snapping"I say laying down again with Neville joining me.

"Its fine,will you write to me if you need anything or if you need help?"Neville asks

"Yes but i will be fine if i have survived 13 years i can survive another year"I say laughing

"Charlotte!"someone shouts and i look up to see  ginny with Hermione,Ron and the twins and Harry dragging behind them,after breakfast they went to  get warmer clothes to come out but me and Neville came straight out.

"Did you have fun without us,i seriously doubt it though?"Fred asks and we all laugh apart from Harry.

"Lets have a snowball fight!!!"George screams. evrryone happily agrees.

"Right team capitins will be me and Charlotte we will pick our teams,whoever wins  gets to dare the other team to do something and they have to do it"Fred shouts.

Me and Fred step foward "You can go first"I tell Fred

"George"Fred picks,well that wasnt predictable,note the sarcasm

"Neville"I say   "Ron"Fred says   i think for a bit "Hermione"I say    "Harry"Fred says Harry is just sitting in the background "I dont want to play"He says

"Come on you have to and anyway its called a snowball FIGHT,maybe let some anger out but not on me"George says dragging him into their team and he just sulks.

"Ginny"I say "We are one short "I notice,i see a boy sitting down reading a book alone,oh i have seen him around school he is always alone and getting picked on by the slytherines,he is in Gryffindor.

I walk up to the small first year boy and he looks up at me and cowards away,i kneel down infront of him.

"Do you want to have a snowball fight with us,we are one short?"I ask softly

"Um no thankyou"he said polietly,he is such a nice kid.

"Come on it will be fun it will be better reading by yourself."I say

"So what do u think"i say as he thinks about it

"Ok"He says "Here i will keep you book safe"I say and take his book and put it in my bag.

"Lets have a race there"I say and we both race eachother and of course i let him win and we were both puffed out and the little boy was giggling."

"This is our new team memeber i tell our team,well to everyone.

"Whats your name?"I ask

"Umm James"he says quietly.  "Well that is a wonderful name,We welcome you James to the best team ever!"I say showing him our team

"This is Neville longbottom,Ginny weasley and Hermione Granger"I say indrouducing them,he just waved and sayed hi quietly.

"And these are the enemys"I say spinning around showing James Freds team.

"This is Fred and George weasley the twins,related to Ginny,Ron who is also a weasley and Harry Potter"

"What is your second name?"I ask James  "Wall" he said "Did you go to westwood primary school"I ask

"Yeah"    "Oh i thought i regonised you,you were two years below me,i went there and you also live on the same street as me,i use to get the same bus as you and i would walk behind you"I say

"Oh i know who you are,you defending me from the bullies one day,that was awsome,i never got to say thankyou to you so thankyou"James said

"right well lets start"Fred says   "Let the games begin"George screamed

James had so much fun he was smiling and laughing and sceaming at the other time,he also had quite a good shot.

We won ,we got into a group and decided on a dare.We thought of won and turned around to face the nervous boys

"Your dare is too.........."


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