Chapter 2

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"'Rachel are you ready yet!?" Teagan yelled.

"Give me a second!" I quickly put on a floral skirt, and a plain with skirt, and then grabbed my phone and met everyone outside the building.

"Im hungry!" Niall said while touching his stomach, we all started laughing then started walking to Nandos.

"Hey Rachel" Niall said.

"Hi Niall!" I said while slighty blushing.

"So you like it here so far?" he asked me.

"I love it! I've already made great friends!"

"So why did you decide to come here?"

Oh shit, I can't tell him. I just can't.

"Um, my mom had to go to America for a year and I really didn't wanna leave England." I lied, I felt really bad lieing but I had to.

"Oh, thats cool, have you ever been to Nandos before?"

"No! I haven't is it any good?" I asked curiously.


"Niall has a special love for food." Harry said laughing.

"Well then I guess you can help me choose what to eat?" I said giggling.

We arrived at Nandos, and go a booth in the corner I was inbetween beside Liam and Niall.

We all decided what to have and ordered our food, we chatted, laughed. I was having so much fun, and Niall was such a sweet and adorable guy, I felt like he was perfect for me, but every once in the while I could feel Liam staring at me, I don't know why, and when I turned around and looked at him he turned his head around right away, but I decided to ignore it and enjoy my food.

After eating we all headed back to the dorms, and on the way back me and Niall exchanged numbers, it was the most perfect night ever.

When we got back in the back in to our room Camille, Sammie, and Teagan all looked at me.

"What?" I asked.

"How did it go with you and Niall? You guys seemed to be enjoying yourself." Teagan asked.

"I got his number!"

"No way! Oh my gosh good job girl!" Camille said.


Later on that night he tweeted me "Goodnight Beautiful"

I think ive fallen in love with Niall.


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