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 i changed the cover, apparently everyone prefers the other one, which i get, but i like the one right now not only for how it looks but because it matches with the other cover. so it'll probably stay like this for a bit. 

also since you all apparently hate third person, i'm going to write this chapter in first person for all of you

(note at the end)

there's a description reference in this chapter, so first person to find it get's a shoutout next chapter

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there's a description reference in this chapter, so first person to find it get's a shoutout next chapter.

"Get off of me!" I moaned, trying to get away from the needy hand that was destroying my chances of sleeping in. The cool feel of my head against the pillow, the warmth and cuddliness of the comforter wrapped around my body, and the relief of closing your eyes and giving yourself up to the heavy set sleepiness encasing your body.

"Aurora, you have stuff to do." The voice came again, prodding my back with one finger like I was some kind of gooey kid's project.

"Fuck off." I mumbled, bunching up the comfy blanket and pulling it to my face. 

Not hearing a response, and noticing the room become silent once again, a lazy smile drew itself on my sleeping face.

All was serene. 

Then I was drowned in two coolers of ice cold water.


"I see you're still salty about this morning." Lumos observed, accompanying my side, as we walked to whatever 'stuff I had to do'. After being dunked in freezing water from antarctica, I relented and got my ass in the shower. I was told that I would need to wear athletic gear, so I slipped on leggings, a t-shirt, and sneaker. I threw my hair into a messy ponytail and joined Lumos who was waiting outside for me.

"Oh, I'm not salty, it's just that, I know it's a wild concept, but I don't particularly enjoy being dumped with a cooler of ice water. Where did you get it anyways?" I sarcastically replied, glancing at him from the side.

Snorting, Lumos responded, "The training field, idiot."

"The training field is at the other side of the pack house, how the hell did you get it in like five minutes." I rambled, thoroughly confused.

"You keep forgetting that I'm a celestial being." Lumos quickly said in a no duh voice, as if it was something obvious that I should known.

"Oh yeah of course," I responded, rolling my eyes.

As we continued to walk, I waved and smiled at the passing members. It was confusing as to why they were suddenly acting all smiley, but regardless I let the little children come up to me and ask me if I would braid their hair.

After we had gotten through the main part of the pack house, I leaned into Lumos and whispered, "Wonder what that's about."

Lumos didn't reply but instead let out a 'hmmm' sound, as if he knew more than he was letting on.

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