One Shot - HIM and Our Story

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This was the third MB story I wrote, before Wattpad, and I didn't share it with many people. I probably won't continue because chapter two and three got deleted a while back.... But this is to make up for not posting in a while x] -Evaaaaay-



"I do." He said.

"I do." I grinned from ear to ear and cried joyous tears.

He smiled at me and took my hand. We had our first passionate kiss since we got married; I knew this day was coming my whole life. I just didn't know it would be HIM.

Chapter 1

New Faces In The Unknown

"Mommy, why did we have to move? I liked our old home better." My seven year old self said to my young energized mother.

"Daddy got a new job in this city, Erica." She answered. "Go ahead and take a look around this part of the neighborhood, find some kids your age. I'll be helping to unload the moving van."

"Ok." I sighed. I leaped on my scooter and took off down the street. My father yelled "Be safe sweetie" behind me, but I was too busy enjoying the wind in my hair. It felt good to be out the car after all that driving. Freedom at last!

"Ayoyou on the scooter!" Some boy yelled to me.

I instantly stopped and turned around. The one who said something to me had four long black braids, almond shape eyes, and a grin on his face. He was with another boy with a hat on that had his super curly hair sticking out on the sides, big lips (but not too big), and lighter skin than the other boy.

"What's your name?" The darker one asked.

"Depends on who's asking." I said with some sass.

He chuckled. "I'm Rayon and this is-"

"You can call me Roc. It's short for Roc Royal which I plan on using for my future stage name." The lighter boy, Roc said.

"Hey. I'm Erica. Nice to meet you Rayon and Roc." I smiled at them.

"Nice name. Are you new in town?" Rayon asked.

"Yeah, I've never seen you around before. I'm sure I wouldn't forget if I did. . ." Roc trailed off.

"My family and I just moved here fromNew Jersey." I replied.

"Cool. You don't seem like you're fromJersey." Roc said.

"Why does everyone say that?!" I wondered out loud.

"Because you don't!" Rayon teased.

"Ugh oh well. I accepted it." I shrugged. "So do you both-"

"Rooooccc! Rayoooon!" A girl yelled while running toward us.

She had big wild hair, was pretty, and looked around my age.

"Oh no. Roc it's your girlfriend!" Rayon giggled.

"No she's not!" Roc argued but I could tell he kind of liked her.

She reached us and smiled. "Hey guys!" She had a kind of high British accent.

"Hey Tahirah." Both of the boys greeted her.

"Ooo. Who's this?" Tahirah looked at me.

"This is Erica. She just moved here fromNew Jersey." Roc answered.

"Oh, nice to meet youErica. I'm Tahirah, but some people call me TyTy." Tahirah smiled.

She is a very cheerful girl. I don't think I could do that ALL the time.

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