Bora Bora Part 8.

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I froze in my spot looking at her shocked. Why would she ask a question like that? Of course I want to move in with her. I walked towards her and cupped her face making her look at me and and frown. I studied her face for a few moments and sighed.

Y/n:"Hailey...why wouldn't I move in with you? I'm in love with you Hailey and when I say I love you I mean it. I'm not playing games with you, I'm not doing this for the fun of it, I'm doing it because I wanna wake up to YOU everyday, I wanna have breakfast with YOU everyday and I wanna be able to call something ours"I said looking at her.

Hailey:"Yeah but you never did this kinda thing with your ex's and-"

Y/n:"Hailey my ex's aren't you"I stated simply"They will never be you...come here"I said leading her to the bed and making her sit at the edge while I went on my knees in front of her"I never this with my ex's cause it never felt right with them. The question of moving in with them never popped into my mind...and I wasn't ready for that kind of commitment with someone if I wasn't serious with them or serious about the relationship and Hailey with us I'm serious"I said making her features soften.

Hailey:"What if you think you're ready when you're actually not?"She asked softly making me frown.

Y/n:"Baby I wouldn't do that to you if I wasn't... I'm ready to take these steps with you Hails...I love you and its always gonna be you"I said making her smile a little. I leaned forward until my lips ghosted over hers"I love you Baldwin"I said making her smile big and put her arms around my neck.

Hailey:"I love you to Y/l/n"She said before connecting our lips making me smile into the kiss and kiss back. I pulled her closer till I was between her legs making sure to trail my kisses from her lips going to her neck making her moan and grip my shirt.

Y/n:"How long do we have before we have to meet them?"I asked pulling away and looking at her.

Hailey:"Half an hour"She said softly watching my movements. I lifted her up and laid her on the sheets kissing her neck going further down her body tugging her shirt making her sit up and remove hers along with mine.

Y/n:"I can work with that"I mumbled going back to her neck making her moan.

Hailey:"Babe we should get ready"She moaned out making me kiss down her body to her shorts. I undid her shorts and pulled it down her legs.

Y/n:"Yeah...after this"I said before kissing up her legs going closer to her  centre. I kissed her inner thighs and tugged her lacy underwear making her nod and bite her lip. I removed her underwear and went back to kissing her inner thighs making her groan.

Hailey:"Y/n please"She begged making me smirk a little and kiss her centre making a small moan escape her lips. I licked her slit and sucked on her clit making her jerk her hips froward and moan"Oh my god!"She moaned out pulling on my hair making me moan a little.

I held her hips down and slowly entered her with my tongue making her gasp and throw her hear back. I kept a slow pace making me groan a little but I was determined to make this memorable. I let go of her hips making her grind on me making me moan and fasten my pace a little.

Hailey:"Fuck...I'm close"She moaned out making me slow down again and her groan"Y/n please"She begged making me pull away.

Y/n:"Just be patient"I said before going back to devouring her. Her breathe hitched and she tightened her grip on my hair making me fasten my pace a little.

Hailey:"O-oh..Y/n!"She screamed as she came,all her juices flowing as I cleaned her up making sure not to let any go to waste"Oh my god...."She moaned as I cleaned her up and left small kisses on her inner thighs before kissing up her body leaving a few marks on her body not caring if anyone will see them. I sucked on her neck a little and kissed her jaw and then finally kissed her lips giving her a taste of herself.

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