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JIN was coming back soon. You wondered how he would react to you dating Yoongi.

Would he be upset or angry with you? The last time you talked to him he sounded genuinely serious and a little scared that you even spoke of him.

Maybe you were thinking too much into this. Jin would never do that to someone.

You lay in bed, contemplating a lot of things. Just like Chanyeols disappearance.

You missed him quite a lot.

Your thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the vibrating of your phone.

From: Suga
Good morning angel.

"I need to change his contact." You mumbled to yourself before clicking the 'edit' option.

To: Yoongi ❤️
Good morning 🙂.

                              From: Yoongi ❤️
How did u sleep?

You smiled at his text, thinking of how sweet he could be. It had only been a week of dating and you were most definitely not regretting it.

To: Yoongi ❤️
      I slept okay, wht abt u?

                                  From: Yoongi ❤️
                                              Fine. How abt we do something today???

You were about to type yes before you saw you had another text from Baekhyun.

                                  From: Baek 💁🏼
                                            Can u come over¿¿

As much as you loved being around your boyfriend, you knew what you had to do. You wanted to be there for Baekhyun. He missed Chanyeol, as did you. You three were a trio together.

Yoongi wouldn't understand what all you've been through with Chanyeol, but Baekhyun with out a doubt would because he experienced most of it with you two.

You let out a sigh before clicking the contact you knew you had to deny.

To: Yoongi ❤️
I can't today.

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