Chapter Two: Sleeping

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My mother drove us to our new house in her limo. When did she become such a control freak? Maybe I was just paranoid.

As if reading my thoughts Andrew whispered, " Is your mother always like this?"

I wanted to say no, but I wanted to mess with him even more.

" Yes," I whispered back, " She's practically psychotic."

" Checking up on us?" He asked me.

" I have no idea," I answered with all honesty.

My mother cleared her throat. " I am right here!"

" You can't blame us for wanting a private conversation!" I protested.

" Do not speak to me that way! Act like a lady!" My mother demanded.

" Yeah, Amanda," Andrew whispered in my ear, " Act like a lady."

" Jackass," I whispered back.

" Here we are!" My mother announced.

The limo pulled through the gate and dropped us off at the front.

" I call the house." The words were so sudden, and I had forgotten Andrew was there.

" What?" I asked, flustered.

" When we get a divorce, I call the house," He explained.

The house was awesome. It wasn't a traditional mansion, but that was fine with me. It was gray and its roof was slanted. It had three different levels. It had tons of windows, but the biggest one was in the front and it revealed a modern interior. It looked like a sculpture.

" No fair!" I protested.


Sleeping arrangements. Great.

" The master bedroom is mine," I claimed.

" It is not!" He argued.

" You can claim the house. I claim the bedroom," I reasoned, though I didn't want to give my house up.

The master bedroom was huge, as was to be expected. It had a gaint silver metallic bed and the entrance had a couch. Don't even get me started with the closet. Though the house was mostly furnished, this was the only room with a bed. Damn my mother.

" I'll sleep on the floor then," Andrew gave in.

" What? No, you can sleep on the couch," I felt bad, there was no reason for him to-

" No, I'm fine. I'll sleep on the floor. Right next to your bed here. Naked."

I gasped, " You wouldn't!"

He would.


I soon realized my mother did not have someone bring our bags in. So what were we going to wear? It was a good thing the closet was stocked.

There was a note too, it read:

Hey lovebirds,

Wedding present to you if you run out of clothes.

-The Lovely Aunt Helena

" Who's Helena?" I asked.

Andrew looked up at me from whatever he was doing.

" What?" He asked.

" There is a note from Aunt Helena," I explained, handing me the note.

" She's my Aunt," He responded, "My mother's sister."

I giggled. His mother's name was Selena. Helena and Selena.

My playful mood turned sour when we walked into the large walk in closet.

" Ran out my ass," I muttered.

" You swear a lot you know," He observed, then he looked into the closet, " Damn."

It consisted of super skimpy clothes. Small cocktail dresses, mini skirts and sexy lingerie. Since I was not going to sleep naked, especially if he was, I decided on a nightgown.


I came out of the bathroom in my white nightgown. It barely reached past my hips and my chest was almost completely exposed. It was really embarrassing. It ran to the bed to get under the covers before Andrew could see me.

I think he saw me anyway because he was right outside the bathroom door with an annoyed look on his face. Why didn't he just use another bathroom? This house has more than one.

I jumped under the covers and soon I heard a door open and close. It was Andrew. Naked.

I only got a glimpse. I hated that man and I didn't want to see him without any clothes. I heard rustling right next to my bed. He was really sleeping on the floor next to my bed! That bastard!

I closed my eyes, I so needed sleep.

Then a chainsaw started from next to my bed. A chainsaw?

It was Andrew! He snored! This was going to be a long night.


The alarm buzzed.

I, not having used an alarm ever, jumped out of my bed and landed on the floor.

Right where Andrew happened to be.

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