Chapter 34

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~Previously on Belong to You~

"Now where is my good news. Cause all I'm seeing is a load of c***."

"Because.....of...the vid..eo we.....eee were able to......"

"Able to what? Stop stuttering" I asked him.

"We were able to track his location."


Niall's POV

"Why didn't you f****** start with that." I growled at him. 

"I'm sorry sir." He told me. 

"Quiet your apologizing, what's the location?" I growled at him.

"1734 Harper Street." 

"Call the boys." I told Louis. 

"On it." Louis let the room to go call the gang. 

"You got a plan or are we just going to storm the castle?" Liam asked me. 

"We'll get a plan." I grumbled. The gang started to file into the room one by one.

"We've found out the location of Rachel and Elizabeth. However I don't want us to just go into this blind. We are pressed for time we have less then 24 hours. You have 12 hours to find out everything about this location."  I said pointing to the board that had the address written on it. 

"Dismissed." I told them. The gang started to leave the room. I turned to my desk and sat down. I opened my drawer and pulled out my bottle of scotch. I poured myself a glass then downed half of it. 

"Slow down there." Liam said. 

"I thought I dismissed you." I told him. 

"Thought I should probably stay behind." He picked up the scotch and poured himself a glass. 

"You know drinking your problems away won't fix anything." He told me holding the glass in his hand. 

"Yeah but it helps." 

"What does it help?" He asked me. 

"Makes me forget." I said taking another sip of my drink.

"In that case, no one should drink alone." Liam sat down across from me and downed his drink. 

"I think we're going to need more liquor."  

Rachel's POV

"So how are my lovely prisoners doing?" Ben asked me. I didn't say anything all I did was glare at him. 

"Giving me the silent treatment I see." He said leaning on the table behind him. 

"Care to explain?" I asked him shaking my hand that was cuffed to the bed. 

"We can't have you trying to escape can we?" I continued to glare at him. 

"Haven't heard from your boyfriend." Ben told me. I just looked at him not seeing his point. 

"You see he only has 24 hours.......well 15 now."

"And what happens when his time ends?" I asked. 

"I'm not sure yet. Maybe something might happen to one of you or we might just have to settle this the old fashion way." I let out a small laugh. 

"You really think that you could take him in a fight. Please you wouldn't even be able to last 3 minutes fighting him." 

"Then maybe something might accidentally happen to he's sweet, innocent baby girl."  

"You harm one hair on her head you'll have me to deal with." 

"Oh you think you're so tough. I could always just tell your boyfriend about your past." I glared at him. 

"You wouldn't dare." I told him. 

"Oh but I would. 14 hours and counting." Ben walked out of the room leaving me in this dark room. My thoughts were cut off by the cries of my child. I climbed off the bed and picked Elizabeth up with my free hand.  

"Hi baby girl." I whispered to her. I sat down on the bed and swung my legs up onto the bed. 

"You're daddy will find us soon I know it." I told her. 

"I'll protect you sweetheart always." 

Niall's POV

"Niall we're at the 6 hour mark." Louis told me. I turned to look at him. 

"What's the call boss?" I looked at him then to the photo in my hand. 

"We're going in." I said cocking my gun. 

"Team 1 you're with me. Team 2 take the west, Team 3 and 4 take the east. Shoot first ask questions later. But DO NOT shoot Rachel or Elizabeth." 

"How do we know if it's them or not?" One of my men asked. 

"If the shoot at you then shoot back." I told him. 


"Niall you sure about this?" Zayn asked me. 


~HOUR 5~

"On my signal." I told my group. I counted down from 5 then kicked down the door. I shot the first person that ran towards me then shot 3 others. 

"Cover me." I told Zayn. He nodded his head and I ran up the stairs. I walked down the hallway no sounds was heard except my footsteps.  

"So glad you could join us." I heard Ben's voice say. 

"Show yourself you coward." I fired my gun as a warning. The last door in the hallway opened and I walked towards it. Once inside the room I looked around my surrounds and saw an empty bed and Ben in the corner. 

"Where are they?" I asked him pointing my gun at him. 

"Oh you mean your little girl and Rachel. Oh they're safe." He said with his signature smirk. 

"Where are they?" I asked again. 

"You can see for yourself if you want." Ben pulled out his phone and showed me a video of Rachel and Elizabeth. 

"Now let's get down to business."

~To Be Continued~

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