Chapter TWO ♡

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// Kayleigh's POV //

As I walked to the corridor, Brooklyn ran up to me
"Kayleigh OMG!" She said
"Hey Brook, what's up?" I said
"The school dance is in 2 weeks!!" She said
"Oh yeah, the dance" i sighed
"Hey what's wrong?" She asked
"Nothing" i said
"I can get you a date" she said and winked
I laughed and rolled my eyes

"Aw look who doesn't have a date" Harvey said from behind
"What do you want again KITT?" I said
"Nothing" he smirked
"What's your plan again Harvey?" I rolled my eyes
He ignored me and walked away

*skip to lunch*

We ate lunch at the field since it's quiet and peaceful there
I ate lunch with Sydney, Brooklyn and Alexis
We all walked to Syd's locker

"Hey Syd, who's that?" Said Alexis with a smirk plastered on her face
Sydney glanced to her right and saw Liam staring at her
She smiled at him
"Awww" Brooklyn said
"So... do you guys have a date for the dance? I know it's not prom but apparently you should have someone?" I asked
"I don't but Alexis has" Brooklyn said
Alexis blushed

"Ooo who's that boy?" Sydney said
"Uh it's Max" Alexis said
My eyes widened
"You okay Kayleigh?" Alexis asked
"Oh yeah, i am okay" i said
We kept on talking about what will happen in the dance

"Alexis!" A boy screamed
Alexis turned her head and saw Max
"Max!" Alexis said and ran to him
"Hey Alexis! I was looking for you!" Max said

"Guys, i'm going to hangout with Max today and tomorrow... so uhm yeah... i hope it's okay" Alexis said

I have to admit, i kind of like Max.
He's the Kind twin
We are really good friends. I think.
But I don't really hangout with him.

School finished really quick
I walked home by myself and realised that my friends were talking about boys the whole time while I'm just there, listening to the whole conversation

My phone rang
I checked my phone to see who's calling

Harvey Mills.

What does he want now?

I groaned and answered the call
"Hello?" I said
"Kayleigh, uhm, is it okay if i ask you something about homework?" He said
"Wait why me?!"
"It's because you are smart duh" He said
Wow I have never heard him complimenting me in that way
"Okay then... i'll text you when i get home" i said

Wait... why did I agree to do this? What if this is a prank again? Oh well

I walked into my house and ran upstairs to my room
"KAYLEIGH!" I heard my step sister scream
"WHAT DO YOU WANT SOPHIE?" I screamed back
"Nothing. I just want to annoy you" she smiled
See how my life sucks.
Two people annoy me almost everyday ugh

I closed my door and jumped onto my bed
I texted Harvey about the homework

"H: Thanks Kayleigh"

He never says "Thank You" to me
That's strange

"H: Btw, i still love to annoy you. It doesn't mean we're already friends bc i asked you something"

Yeah, yeah. I already know that.

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