Chapter 3

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"Stop," I gasped, pushing him away. "Please, don't do this."

"Look, Clara, why don't you give us some time? You just signed a new contract last year which means you have a year left,"

I remembered that of course, but staying for another year with Rafael would only deepen my feelings. It would be difficult for me to move on. "That's too long. I can only stay until you find a replacement."

"Hold on, have you found a new job?"

I shook my head, "No. I haven't thought of looking for another job."

"Then, you are seeing someone?"

I shook my head then smirked, "How could I even see someone? Tell me."


"See? You can't answer."

"I just thought it must be it because you told me you want to settle down. This is confusing for me."

"Look," I sighed, "I am very grateful that you are my boss. "I want to stay with you but--"


I'm already falling for you. "But I just, I need some time for myself." How was I supposed to tell him the truth?

"Clara," he whispered. Rafe stepped closer, making me step backward. Our gazes locked. "You know how I hate repeating myself. I don't want you to resign and if it's going to take everything to make you stay, I'll do it. You see...I always get what I want."

"Really? Maybe not this time."


"I know what you want and it was someone would make you feel special." I looked into her eyes. She tried to look away I quickly cupped her face.

"Stop. This is weird," she whispered.

I lifted up her chin, "Is this weird? This isn't weird."

"Yes! It is," she tried to resist, pulling back away.

"I said look at me, Clars," I commanded firmly. "Let's get married, then."

That moment, I wasn't really sure of myself. It was probably the most absurd proposition I had ever said. I never thought about marriage nor if I was capable of settling down. I just date and screw women. But if it was the only way I could keep her to my side, then I'll do it.

Clara blinked, utterly confused, "Is this a sick joke?" she asked.

"What do you want me to do? You're leaving me no choice."

"Hah! I knew it. Don't do this Rafe, what would the people say about us? No, no. This isn't even an option. I was probably dreaming!"

"Apparently not. You are very much awake and so as I am," I said.

"You are my boss!" she exclaimed.

I let out a sharp breath, "So?"

"So? Rafe, what you're saying is completely ridiculous. How could I marry my own boss? We aren't in the movies, Rafe. It's impossible."

"Clara, yes, you are right. I'm your boss, and I'm fucking being unprofessional! But I'm still doing this to have you back."

"I didn't tell you to do it! God Rafe! Stop being unreasonable," she let out a groan. "Alright, I'll find you a replacement and before I go, you won't have any problems. Solved!"

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