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Harry's POV


I stare at the all too familiar, dead person in front of me, and my mind is blank.

Isn't she dead?

And then a thought passes my mind-right!

She must be someone who looks like my mom, and not actually my mom!

And then, Sophie, pretty fucking shocked too, says:"Anne?"

I frown. Okay maybe she just looks identical to my dead mom and has a same name. That happens, right?

Apparently, it doesn't because then tears the size of my fucking car come streaming down her cheeks as she's looking at me and she almost fucking yells in a pathetic voice:"Harry."


"You're my mom?" I ask, my voice doesn't really sound like my voice.

She starts nodding and my mind turns blank once again.

I don't know what to do. I'm not sure I want to hug her.

I'm not even sure how to feel, except pretty fucking confused right now.

How is this possible?

What the actual fuck is going on?!

She starts taking fast steps toward me and wraps her arms around me, while I just stand there. I'm not exactly sure I like her arms around me.

Sophie comes towards us and gently removes Anne from me. "I think he's in shock, it'd be best if you give him some time."

Her hand wraps around mine and she squeezes it.

"Could you come with us, I think you have some explaining to do." she says and Anne nods after a few seconds.

She looks quite lost, like she has no fucking clue about what to do or what to say, and so Sophie gently leads her to my car and opens the door for her so she could sit in the back, then closes the door behind her and comes back to me.

I just watch it all happen, immobile.

"Are you okay?"

I look at Sophie, who's looling at me with her doe eyes filled with worry and I open my mouth to reply, to say whatever the fuck I need to say to comfort her, but not one single fucking thing comes out.

She rubs my arms with her gentle fingers up and down, and gulps. "Come. I'm taking her to my house, okay? She really needs to explain everything."

She takes my hand and pulls me with her towards the car, forcing me to walk, before literally bucking me in on the passenger's seat like a five year old.

I shouldn't mind it though, it's not like I can move.

Through the numbness of the shock that I'm in, I catch Anne's face in the mirror to see her completely broken down, like I'd seen her so many fucking times before and I know.

This is my actual mother, sitting in the same fucking car as me. Not dead.

"You fucking bitch." I wheeze and turn around to look at her. "What the fuck happened that day?"

She catches her breath, tears continuing to stream down her cheeks and she looks almost afraid of me.

Afraid of her son.

"Harry, I'm sorry-"

"Stop fucking apologizing! Tell me! Now!" I grab her upper arm in my hand, shaking her.

The nights I spent crying, the fighting with my uncle, the regret...

It was all for nothing?!

"Tell me!!!"

She's sniffling like crazy and shaking, but I'm too trapped in my own emotions to notice.

"I- I feel out of the car." she mumbles and I let go of her arm, like she burned me.

"You fell out of the car..." I repeat it to myself to understand the meaning better. "Where did you fall out of the car?!" I shake her again and through the blur I realize she's probably going to have a bruise there but right now I don't give a shit.

This bitch put me through so much shit that she could never repay it.

"Tell me!!!" I yell again, like a lunatic, and car harshly swirls to the left and then right before Sophie stops the car.

"I can't drive!" she screams and looking outside, I notice we're on the side of the road, not home, engulfed by darkness. "I can't drive with all the screaming!"

I don't reply, just get out of my car and slam the door shut, then pull Anne out and hold her against the car.

Sophie comes rushing towards us and tries to rip me from Anne but I don't budge.

"Harry, you're hurting her!"

"Tell me what happened! Where did you fall out of the car!?"

Anne's looking away from me, and I turn her face to make her look towards me.

"In- in the river, my door opened and I-I fell out. The w-water carried me a few hundred meters from where the car fell in and I-I managed to get out." her eyes are squeezed shut, her face a painful grimace.

"Then what?! What did you do then?! Why didn't you come back?!"

She starts shaking her head. "I-I couldn't go back, I couldn't return to my family, you were ruining me! I-it was a perfect opportunity, everybody would think I was dead. So I called Robin and we just drove off, as quickly as possible, and then gotten married so that my name wouldn't be the same."

"Robin? Was that your lover?! You had a lover?!" I scream in her face.

She sniffles and nods. "Des had lovers, too. Many woman, many, many, woman. So I thought, why not?"

I have an overwhelming desire to spit in her face, but instead I just look at her with disgust, completw fucking disgust.

I lean closer to her and whisper in her ear:"If you weren't a woman, I would beat the shit out of you right now. You're not my mother. You're just a patheric excuse of a woman who gave birth to me, nothing more, and then ruined my fucking life. Stay the fuck away from me and pretend I don't exist, like you have been doing all these years, okay?"

With that, I lean from her and get in the driver's seat. "Sophie!" I call and she quickly gets in the passenger's seat.

I can see that she doesn't want to leave Anne in the middle of nowhere, no matter what she's done, but she won't fight with me right now.

With one last glance at the woman I hated the most in this moment, I drive off.


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