Why am I doing this?

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Cuz I have no life so deal. Also __Historia__ tagged me AGAIN. Why? Dunno why. :3

Anyways... Let's get to it.

1. Yes... (Prompto love me cuz I can't get irl person)

2. Bliss (damn hippie mom)

3. You know... I actually don't know. Somewhere between 5'5 to 5'7, maybe...?

4. Changes from greenish blue to brownish green... so 2 types of hazel.

5. About a week and a half ago.

6. Lies. Lies have fucked up my life so hard, what's worse is being lied too and forgotten like a doll. Don't do dat shit. Dat shit ain't good.

7. Pompeii by Bastille.

8. My bub Cameron. I disappointed him greatly. (Suck it I still love a fictional character.)

9. SAFE NOTE! Because I write fanfics without my friends knowing and it's locked.

10. Can't do cuz I have no friends aside from Historia so... ye.

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