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Okay y'all this boutta be long so bare with me it's very important.

So, a little while ago, there was a video that was leaked of Gilinsky calling Madison a slut and shit.

It got to be this whole fight and battle of who's side is everyone on. Before I continue, I'm not on one side, I love them both, and they should both be put at fault.

Madison made a mistake and had this whole plan to leak the audio and then wrote something herself in 3rd person which is already shady asf. Gilisnky called Mads a slut several times. Now the audio has so footage so none of us really knows what happened. We don't know when it was from, where it was, why they were fighting... there's just a lot we don't know. But from what we all have seen, we start to assume things. That G is abusing Mads or that Mads is harming herself. There's just a whole bunch of theories.

Johnson posted a 4 minute YouTube video explaining "the truth." Now I will put the video here:

(Don't mind the Spanish subtitles)

Now he's very strait forward with the whole situation. The video itself is pretty self explanatory. J shows the texts between Madison and 2 other people and she's thanking them for the audio apparently. Also she wrote the 3rd person thing for the "hackers" to post making it seem like they wrote it and not her. LET ME TELL YOU THATS SHADY AS HELL.

Thennnn G posted this long as fucking novel (haha jk) but it was like a paragraph and he said that the audio was from a while ago and that he isn't the person he was back then.

Just go to G's twitter to see the full paragraph cause y'all I'm too lazy to screenshot and all that fun shit. Madison and G were in a bad relationship. I don't really know why they never noticed that earlier but it was only getting worse. And for Madison to supposedly 'leak' the audio was wrong for a few reasons. What we see of their relationship is their pictures on Instagram or their Snapchat stories. But there's a whole other side in reality that the media doesn't see. The audio was that side that we didn't see and it wasn't right for people to see that. It's their business, not ours. The media is a place where people interact, not where we accuse people and take sides in situations.

After all of this drama and commotion, the hashtag, #madisonbeerisoverparty started TRENDING. YEAH IK. TRENDING FOR FUCKS SAKE. Like c'mon people, it's their business once again. Now other famous people are being shady as hell and it's starting to get out of hand.

LET ME TELL YOU THO, GET A BESITE LIKE J BC HES A GOOD FRIEND FOR TELLING THE TRUTH DONT GET ME WRONG. I feel like in the first place, this whole things should've stayed in between them and not let out on the media. Because if one thing gets out, more and more is added to the story that can totally be wrong and can change the persons image or perspective of a person.

Like everyone is acting like their private situation is their own problem. Like no. You people weren't dating them so you shouldn't really worry about what happens.

People are taking sides. I am not on one side. They both fucked up so neither of them is off the hook. They have to accept the fact that they did mess up and they have to live with that. Who knows if Madison leaked the audio for attention? Who knows. I'm not saying that. There's 2 sides to every story. So we really don't know what's the truth and what's not.

Overall, I love G and Mads and that this isn't the medias problem to deal with.



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