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The guy at the check out line looks like he's going to fall asleep any second. His hair is dyed a deep black and his name tag announces him as Yoongi.

He looks annoyed when you and Jimin approach the register.

"May I help you?" he yawns, glaring at the animals.

"Yeah, hi. We were wondering what all supplies we need for a rabbit?" You're glad that Jimin's taking the initiative to speak, because you're afraid that Yoongi might stab you if you talk to loudly.

He sighs heavily at Jimin's question, rapidly spitting out a long list of things that you can barely keep up with.

"And of course a cage, food, and water," he says nastily in the end, giving the two of you a dry look that makes you cringe.

Jimin's polite smile is hanging by a thread.

"Thanks," he says, quickly pulling you away. "Sheesh, who peed in that guy's Cheerios this morning?" the orange haired boy mumbles under his breath, making you giggle.

Between the two of you, you manage to collect all of the supplies in no time, adding on the supplies that Jimin needs for Hoseok and Taehyung. You have a lot of stuff in the end, lugging your armfuls of supplies to the front.

You have your rabbit inside a massive hamster ball, which you set inside the bottom of the cage to make it easier to carry.

If Yoongi looked annoyed before, he looks positively murderous when you wake him up for the second time.

"I thought you guys left," he groans in misery as you and Jimin set everything onto the checkout desk. The two of you remain silent as Yoongi sluggishly begins ringing up your items, never letting his grumpy expression fade.

He finally has you all ringed up, leaving the animals for last.

"Last but not least, one male smelly snake with fur," Yoongi mocks. "And one male black living toilet brush."

You swear your rabbit looks pissed off, and Hoseok has a strangely offended expression. Before you can pick up your rabbit to look at him, he does something you never would have expected a rabbit to do.

He tries to commit bunny suicide.

"No!" you shout, lunging for the rabbit as he deliberately pushes on the side of his hamster ball until it rolls up and over the side of the not-yet-assembled cage, plummeting rapidly toward the checkout lane. He lands on the conveyer belt and scrambles forward again, throwing himself off of the counter and falling out of sight.

The only thing that alerts you of his landing is Yoongi's reaction.

"OW!" The pale man begins jumping on one foot, screeching in pain as he holds his shoe. "That freaking rabbit just landed on my foot!"

You and Jimin can do nothing but stare in shock at the cashier, Jimin holding back laughter and you at a loss for what to do.

Seconds later, you see a small black lump in a hamster ball round the counter'e edge on the floor.

Your rabbit looks triumphant as it prances along, stopping at your feet and staring up at you with those massive, beautiful black eyes.

"Maybe you should've picked a ferret," Jimin laughs uncertainly as you lean down to pick up the mischievous animal.

"Maybe so," you agree. You hold up the ball so you and your rabbit are face-to-face. He puts a paw against the side and twitches his nose at you.

Yoongi's still glaring at the animals, suddenly leaning forward and pointing harshly at not only your rabbit, but also Jimin's two ferrets.

"I place a curse upon these animals," he snarls. "That they'll become your worst nightmares and remain haunting you for the rest of your life."


You and Jimin go still as a strange current passes through the air, making your hair wave slightly in a breeze even though the door to inside is closed.

"Min Yoongi!"

A startled, chastising voice flies through the air as a beautiful, tall man scampers to the counter. He smacks a hand against the back of Yoongi's head.

"Jin Hyung-" Yoongi starts, only to be cut off by the other man.

"Did you just use magic?" Jin screeches. He turns toward the two of you. "Did he use magic on you?"

"Um..." Jimin says.

Jin sighs dramatically and rolls his eyes. "I told you not to curse people just because they wake you up, Yoongi!"

"That rabbit is freaking evil," Yoongi defends sullenly. "And they were just laughing!"

Jin grabs your shoulders and stares deep into your eyes for a second, releasing you and doing the same to Jimin. He sighs heavily.

"I can't remove the magic, but I can alter it," he tells the two of you, only furthering your confusion.

Magic isn't real.

Is this some kind of elaborate prank?

Giving you a graceful smile, Jin gently pets Taehyung's head and says, "These animals will
no longer become what you fear the most. Instead, they will become what you need the most."

There's another weird breezy thing and you frown.

A speechless Jimin stands next to an equally speechless you as Jin bags up all of your items and grins. "Enjoy your gift," he says cheerfully, pinching Yoongi one more time for good measure. "I hope you have a great day."

"Yeah," Jimin says slowly, speech contradicting the quickness of his actions as he helps you gather up the bags. "You too."

You hug your rabbit to your chest and follow his quick steps out the door, basically running from the two weirdos in the pet shop.

"That was so freaky," Jimin says, shaking his head. "Apparently our pets are cursed now."

You hum in agreement, giggling when one of the ferrets nips Jimin's ear as the other one tries to burrow down the neckline of his shirt.

As Jimin wrestles the two squirmy animals into submission, he nods his chin toward your black fluff ball.

"What are you gonna name him?"

Biting your lip, you peer into the deep black eyes of the rabbit and think.

"Jungkook," you say firmly.

Tilting his head, Jimin mumbles the name to himself, nodding in approval.

"What made you think of that?" he asks.

You shrug and smile.

"He just looks like a Jungkook."

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