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Nicki's P.O.V.

She came back with a knife and stabbed my dad twice. Then came  running towards me. I grabbed the chair next to me and bashed her in the head with it.

"You Bitch" she yelled angrily and I looked back.

"I hate you" I said running towards her with another chair and kept hitting her with it.

Once I thought she was knocked out I looked back and saw August trying to see if my dad was still alive.

"Watch out" I heard August say and felt a pain in the back of my leg.

I feel to the floor and she got on top of me about to stab me. August pushed the knife out of her hand.

"What the fuck? You witch" she said going to grab it but August picked it up a threw it in the kitchen.

I grabbed a hold of the glass table and pushed it on her breaking it as glass got on her and knocked her out.

"Thank you" I said crying them heard a knock.

I answered it and it was the lady who lived next door. I emedietly hugged her crying.

"Please help me" I said.

She held me and called the cops. Saying it was gonna be okay but it was far from that.

10 minutes later

The police and the ambulance showed up. I looked back at August as she walked me to the ambulance.

"Ma'am do you have any cuts or bruises" he asked and the lady next door looked at him crazy.

"Do you not see this blood gushing out of her leg" she yelled at him.

They got the stretcher and put me on it.

"So what are you going to do, your just gonna give me medicine right? Also you can give it to me right here, Right now" I said because I'm scared of needles and I don't like hospitals.

"No we're going to stitch back up and give you the pain pills after" he said and I started to get up.

"I'm sorry to waste your time coming here but ima have to pass on the whole stitching part. Oh and the going to the hospital but I'll take the pills" I said and they held me down.

"Sorry ma'am but if we don't do it then it'll get infected" he said taking a needle from somewhere and sticking it while I was panicking.

"NOO. LET ME G- let- let me go" I said becoming sleepy.

5 hours later

I woke up in a hospital bed and immediately got up. I checked my phone and it said 12:00am. I sighed while getting up and grabbing my clothes.

I limped out the room and looked around for people them went to the left.

"Wrong way" I heard a voice say and I'm pretty sure I made sure nobody was in the hallway.

"It's me August" he said popping up in front of me.

"I thought you said you couldn't leave the house" I asked going to the right this time.

"No that's not what I said, I said that I couldn't leave for a long time" he said walking beside me.

I nodded and focused back on where I was going.

Just when i was about to make another wrong turn August grabbed my shirt and pulled me the right way.

"Just follow me" he said.


Once we got put we saw a guard. August knocked him out and grabbed his gun giving it to me.

"You need it for protection" he said and i shook my head no.

"She's gone. I don't think she'll be back"  I said while walking.

"They didn't tell you" he asked.

"Tell me what" I said.

"She escaped" he said and I took the gun from him.


Author's Note: go fuck with my other books. Love you guys😘😂

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