Ace's P.O.V. 27

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"Ugggghhhh" I groan into the pillow. I try to lift myself up, but the pounding in my head prevents me. I'm never drinking again!

"Are you up?" I hear from beside. I open an eye and see Kade standing at the end of the sofa all dressed up.

"Where are you going?"

"Out to buy a few things at the supermarket."

"What time is it?"

"Almost 1" Straightforward answers.

"Are you fine?"

"Great, do you want something before I leave?"

"Ginger-Ale? Soups? Something that helps with this fucking stomach ache" I groan.

"Okay, I'll be back in an hour or so" He leaves before I can utter another word, which leaves me to wonder if I've done something. After another 10 or 15 minutes, I decide to get off the sofa and take a shower. I smell horrible and it's making me gag in disgust.

By the time I am done in the shower I notice that Kade was here, so when I am done getting dressed I make myself downstairs to find him pouring soup in a bowl and pouring ginger ale in a glass cup. He walks to the kitchen island and places it there before walking to the fridge and taking out a wine cooler and drinking half. He still doesn't notice me or just doesn't want to acknowledge my presence. He then walks and takes 2 slices of white bread, cheese, butter and a skillet and starts making a grilled cheese. He finishes his wine cooler before getting another one.

"Are you okay?" He doesn't jump up out of surprise, so my guess is that he's known of me for a while now.


"Are you sure?"


"Kade, did I do or say something that you're mad at me?"

"Nothing at all"

"Can you stop being sarcastic?"

"I'm great, Ace. Now, can I get back to my food?" he asks facing me and then turning back to the stove. I know I did something, what? I don't know, but I need to fix this.

"Kade, baby, tell me what happened." I ask walking over to him and turning him around to face me. Looking into his eyes I see he has tears and I know I fucked up.

"Can you please not touch me right now?" He asks.

"Fine." I say and walk to my food. I drink some of the ale and play with my soups before actually tasting it. When Kade is done with his grilled cheese he doesn't make his way over to me and eats by the stove avoiding eye contact. He finishes fast his food and cleans up the small mess he did before picking up two more wine coolers and walking to the entrance of the kitchen.

"I'm going to the room, if you have an emergency, call me" He says and leaves. I take my phone out of my pocket and call Mason. It rings a few times before he picks it up.

"Do you know what I did?" I ask as a greeting.

"Hey, to you, too" I can picture him rolling his eyes.

"I'm serious, Mason. Do you know why Kade is mad at me?" I ask again.

"No, why? Is he mad?"

"Yes, you dumbass. That's why I'm asking you"

"I don't know dude. I can't talk right now. Adri is not here and I'm alone with Lucy. So, I'll talk to you later"

"You suck" I say.

"No, that's your job" He laughs and hangs up. I groan and pick my plate and cup up throwing them in the dishwasher before pacing back and forth in the living room trying to think of what I did yesterday. Nothing comes to mind.

"Think, Ace, think" I mumble. Since I still can't think I run up the stairs to talk to Kade. I need him to tell me. I need to make this right. I enter my room to find him watching Supernatural.

"Kade" He diverts his eyes away from the tv and looks my way.

"What?" he asks and plays the bottle's wrapper?

"Baby, please, please tell me what my dumbass did." I say walking over to him and sitting next to his knees.

"It doesn't matter, Ace" He says and shakes his head.

"It does if it bothers you"

"Who's Jeff?" Who?


"Jeffrey, Ace" he says his tone changing.

"This morning when I went to check on you, again, you told me to leave you alone and leave. That I was only a one night stand because the only guy you loved was, Jeffrey" Oh! I start laughing realizing the confusion.

"What the hell is so funny? You're fucking playing me aren't you?" He asks angrily as he pushes me away.

"No, it's a misunderstanding."

"How can that be a misunderstanding?" he pouts and crosses his arms.

"You're Jeff, Kade. I had to put a name to you because I didn't know your real name and you looked like a Jeffrey in high school" I say clearing up this mess. He looks at me like I've grown a third head.

"What?" he gapes.

"So, you were jealous because I said another guy's name and that I loved him?" I asked lifting my brow.

"You're so stupid to think I was jealous." He says pushing me away and laying on his side. I laugh and wrap my arms around his waist, snuggling my head between his neck.

"I think it's hot you were jealous. Let's me know you actually like me" I whisper and nibble on his earlobe.

"Ace, stop. There's nothing hot about being jealous" He says turning around and facing me. We were chest to chest now, so I took the advantage and pulled him closer to me.

"So, you admit you were jealous?" I tease looking down at his lips and back at his eyes. He rolls them and tries to push me away, but gets nowhere.

"I admit nothing." he says stubbornly.

"You're so cute when you're being stubborn and jealous."

"I wasn't and am not jealous."

"You are"



"Shut up"

"Admit it and I'll leave you alone" he glares at me which only makes me smile.

"Fine, Iwasjealous" He mumbles barely audible.

"What?" I laugh asking.

"I was jealous, okay? Happy?" He says pushing me away successfully.

"Yes" I say and pull him again towards me as I climb on him.

"Get off me"

"Hell no. You being jealous over literally nothing gives me a boner" I say grinding on him and bending down to kiss his pouty lips.

Sorry, it's another short chapter! Felt the need to update again today. Anyways, I hope you guys liked the chapter. Let me know what you thought and anything really. Also, did you expect this to happen in this chapter? 

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