Chapter 9

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Uh… I know this is late but I had no inspiration, and some issues (Never take life for granted cause you never know when you will lose people, that had so much talent and passion. :’( Depressing stuff.)   And just in between stuff and ya….. But on a more joyful note, who’s read the hunger games? I kinda couldn’t put the series down. I finished it in three days, minus the break of a day. Yoh crazy stuff! LOVE IT!!!  

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Jane’s POV

I was running, running like I never had before. From what? I had a pretty good idea and I knew I had to move it. I felt an eerie presence wash over me. It was terrifying; yet so inviting. I felt something or someone breathing hard at the back of my neck. Somewhere inside me, I knew I couldn't outrun this thing; but I tried anyway. I felt darkness creeping in... I felt the air change... And I knew my fate was sealed! I had failed. (Lol this is part of one of the other stories I started that never made a break. This part was edited :p) Accepting my fate I turned to see the face of my pursuer, but all I saw was a blur before I fell.

I woke up panting with sweat dripping from my forehead. I was constantly plagued with this dream, never fully seeing who my pursuer was, knowing who he was but forgetting the moment I woke up. Somehow I knew it was a he, but I could never figure out what the dream meant, was it a message or a premonition or what?

Knowing I would not find sleep again I sat up feeling disorientated, I wasn’t in my room, this room was bigger than my own. That’s when I remembered the past few days. I was Jane, plain Jane, a biker chick with a badass attitude. Looking over to the clock I noticed it was three am. I let out a frustrated sigh, well at least I wouldn’t be late for my second first day at Queens high, I thought with just the tiniest hint of sarcasm. I rolled out of bed and took a lengthy hot shower, I always felt so dirty after these nightmares. Getting out I quickly dried myself off and walked back to my room where I dried my hair and straightened my blond and blue hair and opened my blinds to let in the darkness of outside, I had turned my lights off as it somewhat disorientated me, instead I settled with the gentle glow of my open laptop. I opened my wardrobe and pulled out a really skinny pair of black ripped jeans as well as a tight black strappy t-shirt and a lose grey ripped t-shirt  that ended at my waist and hung off my right shoulder, it had a picture of a white tiger on it which, ofcourse, was ripped obscuring the image.

After dressing and applying a thick layer of black eye liner to my hazel eyes I walked over to my laptop and opened my twitter account, the only thing I was allowed to keep. My username was R3b3l101. It indicated that I would not fall to the clan or even the world for that matter. I was a Rider of The Light, and I was powerful. Twitter was the one place I could actually be myself without anyone finding out who I really was. I was free, to a certain extent.

Quickly I scanned thorough all the recent tweets before adding my own:

Nightmares; the only piece of reality that’s real for me. Life is a lie, friends betray your trust yet life goes on. Yet in my dreams I'm chased and beaten, yet it’s all in a dream, but still the only thing that is real for me.

Within a minute of me tweeting it, it had been re-tweeted at least ten times, all buy usernames such as; Dontmesswithme, and Yourworstnightmare. I knew these were other riders just by their usernames, it’s not obvious ofcourse, but to me it was all the support I needed, knowing that they understood.

Checking the time I realized it was 6:45 and time for me to get moving, so I signed out of twitter and shut off my laptop. I grabbed my leather backpack with my few textbooks and stationary, I knew I wouldn’t be putting in an effort at school, like it taught anything useful for Riders, and I had a reputation to make.

 Walking past Aaron’s room I noticed that the door was still closed and there was no light coming from the key hole. Silently I put my ear against his door to hear any movement. I was rewarded with a snore, several in fact. An evil grin spread on my face. I walked into the kitchen and tossed my bag onto the counter. I grabbed a bucked from under the sink and filled it halfway with water. Walking back to Aaron’s room armed with a bucket of water, I silently opened the door and crept into his room towards his double bed.


Aaron’s POV

“I love you, you sexy beast. Kiss me!”  I had my hands tangled in her hair pulling her closer, our lips were just a breath away…..

Something cold and wet hit my face, jumping up I found a certain ‘sister’ rolling on the floor in hysterics the evidence on the floor beside her…. A bucket. I growled at her, “Dammit Jane! Why did you do that?! I was about to kiss Megan Fox!” I yelled.

Sitting up she took deep breathes to calm her laughter. “Dude she’s like what, a couple thousand years younger than you!’

“I’m not that old!” Putting my hand to my heart I faked hurt.

“Still Aaron.” She gave me one of her looks, annoyed yet amused. “You have half an hour before school. You’re a student, remember.” She got up, grabbed the bucket and left before I could say anything.

I ran my hand through my now wet hair. Well I don’t have to shower now. Erg, I'm a student now, school… seriously what possessed me to become a student. Oh yes I remember, stupid little brat, grrrr, I'm sorry Megan, I will return.

Rolling out of bed I planned my revenge on Jane, she may be a Rider and more powerful than me, but a thousand years of pranking can really come in handy. She will never win, Child you have just started a war you have no chance of winning.


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