Pet Shop

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You don't really know how you ended up in the local pet shop, having a staring contest with one of the rabbits.

You had been grocery shopping for your grandmother and saw the sign as you passed by.

Pet Paws' Special Offer:
50% off all small animals for a limited time!

Small animals?

Your quick walk had slowed to a crawling pace as you passed the front window.

You lived alone in a small apartment that didn't allow dogs or large animals, but your neighbor down the hall had a pet ferret. You had seen it a couple of times, sitting on his shoulder as he went to get his mail.

Your neighbor's name was Jimin and he adored his white ferret, Taehyung.

It was cute.

Maybe if you got an animal, you wouldn't depend on your grandmother for friendship anymore. It was sad that your only dedications in life were to school and your completely healthy and active grandmother.

Maybe it was time for a change.

Your feet had taken you into the shop without your brain's permission, pushing you through the door and setting off the bell that alerted the staff to customers.

Birds squawked loudly upon your entrance, but you had grimaced and steered away from those cages.

If you were getting a pet, you wanted one that you could cuddle and hold.

You followed the signs to the back of the store, where a section labeled Small Animals displayed various cages and enclosures.

Passing up the rat cages with a shudder, you continued on to the next enclosure, where three medium-sized puffballs were piled together.

Grey female chinchilla, the sign read.

One of the puffballs moved, revealing a cute whiskered face and tiny nose. The chinchilla wiggled its nose a bit before diving back into the cuddle session with the other two.

"Aww," you had whispered to yourself. Then you looked at the price and blanched.

No chinchilla for you.

You moved on to see the ferrets, but as you did, you accidentally bumped into someone's shoulder.

"Sorry," you apologized.

"Y/N?" At the male voice speaking your name, you glanced up in surprise.

It was your neighbor, Jimin, his trusty sidekick Taehyung hanging lazily on his shoulder.

"It is Kang Y/N, right?" Jimin asked with a friendly smile as he brushed his orange hair out of his eyes. Taehyung sniffed the air with his little pink nose before rolling to wrap cutely around Jimin's neck. 

"Yeah, it is. Hi, Jimin," you had mumbled shyly, blushing.

He was a handsome guy with full lips and a sharp jawline, topped by cute eyes that disappeared when he smiled. On top of all of that, Jimin had a super sweet and kind personality.

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