A day out

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Like every other time when Ellie said she would do something right away, she didn't. The day passed and she didn't do anything related to the situation. She was actually preparing her speech. She knew she couldn't avoid Jonathan forever. Although, she wished she could. What's there to talk about? She slept over cause she really needed a place to stay and he was the one who found her. It could have been anyone... But it wasn't just any person there, it was him. 

While she was thinking about that night, Elizabeth was preparing to go out. She always thinks better out, on the fresh air. This time was no exception. She grabbed her black jacket, looked at the mirror and was satisfied with what she saw. She was wearing pink T-shirt, simple long jeans and black Nike sneakers. She also had her black watch on her wrist, black earrings and a long owl necklace. She looked very simple and plain, and yet so modern.

- Oh gosh, it's beautiful outside. - Ellie said as she walked out of an apartment.

As she was walking under beautiful sun rays, her legs lead her to the river. There she was, standing at the very same spot as usual. Thinking about what happened. In some way, she hoped Johnny would come as he did two days ago, there wouldn't be any need for explanation and they could be good again.

- Hey, can you come here? I'm by the river. - Ellie needed a friend so she texted Dee Dee.

- My God, I'm so sorry, I can't. I'm out of town.

- That's fine. I'll call Joan. Have fun.

- Bye sweetie.

Next to Dee Dee, Elizabeth had only one more true friend. Joan McDigger. They all met in high school and it felt like they've known each other forever. They were soul mates. Although, Dee Dee was more involved with Ellie's love life, this time, Ellie had to call Joan.

- Hey, are you free?

- Yes, what's up? - Joan sounded really cheerful.

- Can you come by the river? I need to talk to you about something.

- Sure, give me 20 minutes.

- Fine, I'm waiting.

As she said, Joan arrived 20 minutes later. She was jumping out of joy. It was one of her happy days. She was coming in black trousers, green ballet shoes and a white shirt. Big necklace around her neck made everything seem more sophisticated.

- Hey, I'm here. What's up?

- Thanks for coming. Sit. I have a story. So...

After some time, Ellie finished her story. Joan wasn't really a romantic soul like Elizabeth and Doris, but she was a great friend and she decided to do anything she can to make Ellie feel better.

- Answer me honestly: Do you feel something for him?

- I don't know! That's the problem. I like talking to him. I used to like it. And we had a great time the other night... But I can't look at him like that because I know he's taken. And I can't risk and ask him if he feels anything.

- OK. So don't do anything today. You'll see him tomorrow and you'll see what will happen. Maybe it'll be easier to see something in person. - Joan was always the rational one.

- You're probably right. Thanks. Again.

- Now, that we solved a love crisis, we can go and get some ice-cream...

- Of course! - Ellie was feeling better, she had her friend by her side, and soon and ice-cream in her hand. Day was getting better.

The two of them spent the rest of the day walking along the river, talking about random topics. They were having fun. Elizabeth really needed it.

They had no idea what was happening outside the city.


While the two of them were enjoying themselves, they haven't paid much attention to the fact that Doris haven't returned their texts. Not once. They thought it's not that unusual.

Since they haven't seen each other in few days, Joan and Ellie had some catching up to do. Everything changed since they started college but the two of them stayed the same. It was always the same story with them: Joan was seeing life as uglier place to be at than it really is, Elizabeth thought is was just fine. Elizabeth was a romantic one, always looking for a love story on the streets and Joan was more concentrated on her life. And her life alone. Not that she was egocentric, she just thought love, as a guy and girl love, isn't something she would want in her life. Since they couldn't agree on the subject, in the sake of keeping peace in their relationship, Ellie and Joan haven't talked about it much.

They walked through the entire city, as they did almost every time they met, and they were ready to part ways. Legs were killing them and shoulders couldn't carry a bag one more step. They already arranged to meet each other the next day for some book festival, when Ellie got a text. From Dee Dee. "I'm a mess. Can you meet me? 20 minutes. Central Train station."

Joan and Ellie were dying to find out what has happened so they rushed to meet her. After 20 minutes, as planned, they were all together.

- What happened D.?

- Ron happened. We broke up.

Yes, Ron Priesty. Her boyfriend. Tall dark boy who accidentally walked into her life and stayed there long enough to make her fall in love and then to run as fast as he could. At first they seemed perfect. Ellie always thought they weren't for each other but it was not here place to say anything. Although Ellie never liked him, she was happy as long as her best friend was.

Whenever Dee Dee felt sad, she took her chocolate and cry in her room until she felt strong enough again to walk with her head way up high. This time she had back-up and they were determined to make her forget him. First stop - cookie factory.

After two hour of talking about everything, they finally decided to ho home. To Dee Dee's home. They weren't going to leave her alone on a day like this. So, they bought chocolate, a bit of wine, cookies, everything needed for the quiet evening with friends. Cheesy movies helped too.

It' is wrong to say but, after everything that has been on Elizabeth's mind, this came as a good distraction. For one afternoon and the following night, she hasn't once thought about Johnathan.

Who knows what happened with him in two days?

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