Too blind to see| Lams

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"Alexxxxx! I don't need glasses! I can read just fine!" I huffed as my boyfriend pretty much dressed me. Alexander looked up from buttoning my shirt to give me a... look..? "John, can you even see my facial expression?" Alex huffed. I giggled and gave him a smug smile.

"You're so happy to see me~" I purred. "Ha, no. I'm unimpressed, Freckles. Come. On." Alex commanded, taking my hand and leading me out. Of course I stumbled on the way to the car. "Alexxxxxxx!" I groaned. "John, you need glasses." Alex told me. "I'll look like a bigger nerd! I already have these dumb things!" I huffed, crossing my arms as Alex put my seatbelt on for me. I had braces, and I really don't need glasses to pull off my gay nerd look. "Aww, Johnny's being a baby~" Alex joked. "I'm not a baby!" I whined as Alex kissed me and got into the driver's seat.

I hated that I couldn't see the world, everything was just blotches of color. I sighed and slumped in my seat. As I pouted and complained, Alex chuckled. "You are a Drama Queen today, Future Hamilton~" Alex purred.  "I am, Present Hamilton~" I joked.

I felt the car pull to a halt. "We're here, now, let me get you inside, Peaches..." Alex mumbled and got out of the car. He came to my side and picked me up. I didn't complain, I loved being with Alexander. He carried me into the eyewear store thing and set me down.

"Hi! Are you... John Laurens?" A woman's voice hummed. "Y-yes ma'am! I'm John!" I squealed as I tripped over... something. That wasn't because my vision was blurred, it was just because I'm clumsy. Alex held me up by the hips, which made me blush.

"Alright, John, we need to test your eyes, sweetie... follow me, honey!" The lady told me. Of course, I tripped and stumbled my way into a small room. The lady preformed different tests on my eyes, and afterwards, she said I needed glasses.

I hated that. I didn't want another issue for Lee to laugh at me. He already told me that I looked too feminine to be a man, now, I'll look like a feminine gay nerd with braces, glasses and mental breakdowns. The lady led me out of the room and have me back to Alex as if I were a child. "So?" Alex hummed. "He needs glasses... how long have you not been able to see, Mr. Laurens?" The lady asked.

"Just a couple of weeks... why..? Am I going blind?!" I whimpered. "No, sir! I just wanted to know, now... here! Try these on and tell me if you like them!" The lady told me. I nodded, Alex saying something and then. Bam.

There was my boyfriend's clear, baby-cactus stubble face. I smiled and hugged Alex as soon as I saw him completely. He laced his hands around my waist and kissed my head. "You guys are such cute friends!" The lady at the counter sang. Alex and I held in our laughter as we paid for the glasses.

*Time skip*
"You guys are such cute friends!" Alex mocked the lady as we entered our house. I giggled. "Oh, hush, Lex, she was nice!" I scolded playfully. Alex pulled me into a tight hug. "John, I love you." Alex whispered into my ear. "I love you too, Alex... What's-"

Alex hushed me with a kiss. He broke the kiss, pulling a small box out of his coat. I looked down at the box, my eyes widening. "John Laurens..." Alex whispered as he smiled. I met his eyes, they were glittering. He got down on one knee and opened the small box, showing a rose-gold ring with a light blue diamond in the middle.

I couldn't hold my tears as Alex spoke. "Will you marry me?" He asked. I bit my lip and nodded. Alex go up and kissed me.

"I do! I do, I do, I do!"

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