Part 97*

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Sumo laughed at Shravan's excitement as he went to his closet, looking for clothes for himself.

Meanwhile, Sumo opened up the package to find a gorgeous outfit that Shravan had probably spent a fortune on.

Sumo: Shravan this is so beautiful!! I love it!

Shravan: (shouting from the closet) Not as beautiful as you Princess! Hurry up and wear it! I have been waiting all day to see you in this outfit!

Sumo smiled and began to take off her clothes that she had been wearing all day. Meanwhile, Shravan came out of the closet, looking towards Sumo.

Shravan: I don't think I'll be able to focus on changing if you're gunna start a strip show for me here. (smirking)

Sumo: (turning red) Shut up and change or this will be the last time I'll let you stay here!

Shravan: Command accept! But Sumo I helped you with you outfit, now you help me with mine. (pouting)

Sumo: Give me one minute! And I'll choose something for you!

Sumo, who is still in her undergarments, walks over the the closet to look through Shravan's clothes. Meanwhile, Shravan sits down on the bed, absorbing the views of Sumo, shamelessly.

Sumo feels his gaze on her and blushes.

Sumo: (shouting from the closet) I hope you're enjoying the show, cause it's not going to last for long.

Shravan: (playing innocent) Its not my fault your walking around like that! And you're the one who is showing me your "show." Don't blame my virgin eyes!

Sumo: (muttering) Idiot!

Shravan: What?? I didn't hear you!

Sumo: (shouting) Shut up!

Sumo continues to search Shravan's closet into she finds something that would be perfect for the occasion and also match her outfit that Shravan bought for her.

She took out a light purple shirt and paired it with a light gray overcoat and matching pants. It was simple and classy and would fit Shravan's sexy body, perfectly!

 It was simple and classy and would fit Shravan's sexy body, perfectly!

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Sumo: Here you go Mr. Malhotra! Hurry up and change.

Shravan: Thank you Jaan! You're choice is the best!

Sumo: Of course it is!! After all, my first choice was you!

Shravan: Really? Me, your first choice? Then why were you marrying Aditya before me?

As soon as Aditya's name left Shravan's mouth, Sumo's face fell. And regret was all over Shravan's face

Shravan: (holding her close) Shit, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that Sumo.

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