Part 96*

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Pushkar left the dining room and headed over to the garden where Sumo was.

As soon as he entered the garden, he saw Sumo standing in the corner whipping off her tears.

Pushkar made his was towards her and held onto her shoulder, lifting up her chin.

Sumo looked into his eyes which held so much concern for her. Immediately, she wrapped her arms around Pushkar, engulfing him in a hug. She sobbed in his chest and Pushkar patted her back trying to calm her down.

Pushkar: (consoling her) Shhhh........Sumo, please stop know Bhaiya can't see tears in your eyes.

Sumo: (sobbing) Stop talking about him! I don't even want to hear his name!

Pushkar: Ok fine, then stop crying for me! I'm your brother right, I can't see tears in your eyes. Please Sumo, don't crying. No one in this world is worth your tears.

Sumo: (stopping her sobs) Why Pushkar!? Why?! Why can't Shravan understand a simple thing!? I want to pay off my MA's debt! What's wrong with that?! So what if it's to Mamiji!? If it was anyone else, you guys would let me pay it off, but just because it was Mamiji, everyone has a problem.

Pushkar: I know Sumo, you are right in your own position. But everyone just cares about you. We don't want you hurting. And what more can hurt when your own family members demanded money from you?

Sumo: But she didn't! I told her that I would pay off MA's loans! It was my decision! Why does everyone have a problem with it?

Pushkar: Because we care about you. And why did you lash out on Bhaiya? You know how much it hurts him? To see you cry. To see you mad. To see you hurt. You haven't seen the Shravan that I have Sumo. You haven't seen Bhaiya's state when you were lying in the hospital bed! You haven't seen him when the doctors told us your chances of surviving were low! It kills him Sumo. And I can't see him like this anymore.

Sumo: I'm sorry. (sniffling) It's all my fault. I always end up causing Shravan pain anyways.

Pushkar: You know that's not true. You are the best thing that has happened to Bhaiya. You make him happy. You make him smile. You make him want to live this life.

Sumo: What should I do? What should I do to take away his pain?

Pushkar: (shrugging) Hug him........It's as easy as that. Shravan Bhaiya would melt into your touch. He loves you that much.

Sumo: (sniffling) Really?

Pushkar: Yes! Now let's go!

Pushkar holds Sumo's hand and brings her back into the house. They go towards the dining table and Sumo had her head held low.

Everyone at the table feels guilty when Sumo and Pushkar come, they stand up and have an apologetic look on their faces.

Shravan is looking at Sumo with so much love and longing in his eyes. He wants to run up and hug the life out of her. He wants to hold her, to kiss her, and to never let go of her. But he decides to control his emotions.

Everyone is silent until Ramnath decides to break the silence.

Ramnath: Suman Beta, I want to apologize on behalf of the whole family.

Sumo: (looking up) No Papa! Please don't! No one needs to apologize!

Ramnath: No Suman, the truth is that we got carried away in our own ego that we forgot about your feelings. Even Shravan. And we want to say sorry for that. You are right, this is between Priya Ji and Manju Ji and if you want to repay your mother's loans then we have no problem. We don't have the right to interfere between a mother and daughter.

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