Part 95*

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Sumo went back to PCT and continued to do her work while Shravan went back to his firm, doing the remodeling process.

When it was about 5 PM, Shravan wrapped up his work and drove over to PCT to pick up Sumo.


When Shravan walked into PCT, he found Sumo with her hands on her hand, resting her head on the desk.

Shravan: (walking up and putting a hand on her head) Sumo?

Sumo: (slowly getting up) Shravan? You're here? Already?

Shravan: Yeah, I finished my work for the day and we're going home now.

Sumo: No, you go home, I still have a couple more things to do.

Shravan: Sumo, you are coming home with me right this instant! You were sleeping when I came in. I know your medication makes you sleepy! And you look exhausted! I won't take no as an answer! Let's go!

Sumo: (giving a sad smile) Fine. Let me lock everything up.

Once Sumo had finished locking PCT up, Shravan and Sumo headed back home. The drive was silent and it was obvious that Shravan's outbursts on Sumo were taking an effect on her. Usually Shravan had never raised a voice on Sumo but now it was different.

Although Sumo was stunned by his behavior, she knew that Shravan did this because he cared.

Shravan cared about her.

From the bottom of his heart.

And this was new, to her at least. A girl who had craved someone's care for the longest time.

Within a matter of minutes, they arrived at the Malhotra Mansion.

Shravan and Sumo came into the house, hand in hand, to find the entire place empty.
Ramnath and Pushkar were sitting in the garden, going through files and the others were no where to be found.

Shravan: Papa, where is everyone??

Ramnath: Shravan Beta, you guys are back? Oh, the others went out to do some shopping and me and Pushkar were going through a case together.

Pushkar: Hey Sumo, what are you------Sumo? Were you crying?! Why are your eyes puffy and red?! (standing up and going by her)

Sumo: Uh.......No it's nothing.......(not meeting his eyes)

Ramnath: (concerned) Suman Beta?! Tell me what happened. Did Shravan say anything? Are you alright?

Pushkar: Bhaiya?! What did you do to Sumo?! Sumo tell me right now!! Bhaiya, what is wrong with you!? How can you make Sumo cry!

Shravan: (putting his hands up in surrender) I didn't even do anything guys! And Papa why would you think I would hurt Sumo?!

Ramnath: Then why was Suman crying?!

Sumo: Um......actually.......

Pushkar: Bhaiya, tell me what happened!! What caused tears to come into Sumo's eyes??!! She was fine this morning when I dropped her off?? Did the meeting not go well? Did anyone say anything to you?  Sumo tell me!

Shravan: Actually.........

Shravan went ahead and told Pushkar and Ramnath everything that happened at the Khanna Offices, about how he was misbehaving with Sumo and how Shravan beat him up. By the end of the story, Pushkar was raging in anger and so was Ramnath.

Pushkar: How dare that little bast*rd!!! Bhaiya I am not doing to spare that son of a b*tch for what he did to Sumo!!

Ramnath: How dare that Khanna misbehave with our Daughter-in-law!! Just last month I won his case and he repays me with this nonsense!? Suman Beta, are you alright?!

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