You guys asked so many questions for this book, so let's see what your characters have to say!!

((It me in media again^^ pls be nice im just a bean))

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Ryan Ross

"Whom is your favorite artist? Like painting or drawing-wise?"

R- "I absolutely l-love Giovanni Bellini. He mainly did portraits, and, as you've noticed, I mainly do portraits. He was one of my m-main inspirations."


"if you weren't an artist, what would you do?

R- "That's a good question.. I'm not t-too sure? I've wanted to be an artist for as l-long as I can remember, so, I d-don't see myself doing anything else."


"what's your favorite medium for art?"

R- "I love anything that gives me inspiration. Most of it - as ch-cheesy as it sounds - comes from Brendon; I feel like I make my best work when he ins-spires me."


"do you prefer cakes or cupcakes (I personally prefer cupcakes)"

R- "Love me some cupcakes!"


"how does brendon help you through your job? (such as stress, coming up with inspiration, etc.)"

R- "As I said  few answers up ^^, most of my inspiration comes from Brendon, s-so whenever I feel like I want to create or need to de-stress, I g-go to him."


"in high school, did you know you were attracted to men or did you realize in college?"

R- "I think I knew at a young age, like VERY young. I t-told my parents when I was 12 I th-think, and they were so supportive that it made being attracted to m-men a lot easier to cope with and come to t-terms with."


"How would you express your love for Brendon? Also, ilysm."

R- "I make s-sure to tell him every morning; I m-make him breakfast in bed most days, and even when I don't, I'm sure to remind him very easily just by waiting until he wakes up to roll over and s-say 'I love you.' And I love you as well *smiles."


"Would you still have brought Brendon on the trip if Gee and Frank said that they couldn't cover bringing him too?.. Also, love yah."

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