"Alright, Lily, how can I help such a lovely young woman?"

"I need you to hack something," she said calmly.

Harold had not received this type of request in a couple years and was never asked in such an erotic fashion. He was completely down for whatever it was. "Lay it on me," he said and thoroughly meant it.

She sat up and leaned forward. "Can you hack a fightercraft?"

Harold leaned in as well. "Lady, I can tunnel my way into anything."

"If you do what I ask, you can tunnel into anything in this house you want. Starting with me."

Harold smiled. After a year of torture, of working side-by-side with Wendy, unable to touch her, he was ready for something to take his mind off the woman. She was Gil's after all. "Deal. Anything you want."

"Wonderful." The curvy woman stood, the shimmering cloth falling from her body. She slowly walked over to Harold and pushed him back in the soft chair with a finger.

He examined her pretty appearance as she knelt down before him and licked her lips.

"Oh, you are going to enjoy this, Mr. Bouri. Not many men get sucked off by the future Mother Arcturis."

Harold laid his head back as his pants came down. She was right. He was enjoying it.

"Now, do you still want me to call my sister?"

"Oh, by all means," he replied.

The woman smiled. She liked this one's assertiveness.


Harold lay in the bed exhausted. Lily left him with her younger sister to continue to entertain him in her place while she went and spoke with Mother Arcturis about something important. Lily's sister, Jinah, was nineteen and fusion-powered. The former hacktivist was not even sure what the hell a 'letdown' was in Acturan-land, but if this was a letdown he wanted to be letdown all the time.

"What do you want to try now?" The girl snickered looking up at him; her chin was resting on her hands draped across Harold's abdomen.

The young man was sadly running out of ideas and energy.

"What are you thinking about? Oh, I know..." The pretty young woman crawled slowly up the bed until she was cheek-to-cheek with him. She rubbed her smooth freckled face on his and whispered in his ear.

His grin widened with each word along with his energy. "Okay. If that's alright with you."

The bubbly girl said, "Yeah. I'll do anything you want. But, I like that a lot!"

Harold hopped up ready to go and the door flung open.

"Alright Mr. Bouri. Enough playtime. You can get back to it later after we talk business."

"Awww, c'mon sis. I was just about to get him to do..."

"Out Jin!"

"Alright. Later Harry," the girl said pouting, her bottom lip poking out. She waved to him as the door closed.

Harold waved back as Lily plopped down in the spot Jinah vacated. He was a tiny bit thankful for the break...only a tiny bit. "Are you sure you don't have any openings for slaves around here?" Harold asked emphatically.

His humor was met with a very serious gaze.

"Nevermind. It was worth a shot. I really like your sister, by the way."

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