Chapter ONE ♡

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|| Kayleigh's POV ||

I walked to school as fast as i can because I don't want to walk with my step sister because she's obviously the most annoying person ever

I bumped into someone who i never wanted to see

Harvey Mills.

"Oh hey there hottie, why are you walking so fast?" Harvey said
Never mind, he's more annoying than my sister

"Excuse me? You're blocking the way?" I said

"Woah sassy pants, I'm just asking you okay. Do you mind if I walk with you?" He said jokingly

I rolled my eyes and continued walking.
I can hear him saying to wait for him but i just ignored him

I arrived at school and walked to my friend called Sydney

"Hey Syd, what's up" i said
"Kay, guess what!" She said
"What?" I said
"Liam just asked me out!" She said while jumping

Liam?! Out of all the boys and Liam asked her out?! That boy has had like 7 girlfriends
"Yay I guess... well good luck with that" i said

*time skip to the 2nd lesson*

We walked to our second lesson and I actually hate this lesson

Well I don't hate the lesson which is science but

I hate it because I sit in front of Harvey Mills

I walked inside the classroom and sat down
Someone threw a piece of paper at me and hit my back
"Hey!" I said
"Oops" Harvey said and laughed a bit
I rolled my eyes again and faced in front

"Kaypoo, meet me at the gates after school" Harvey said

"Wait wh—" i said but he cut me off
"Just meet me there after school!" He said and walked away

*Skip to lunch*

"Brooklyn! There you are!" I said
Brooklyn's one of my friends too
"Hey Kayleigh!" She said
"Syd's with her other friends, is it okay if i hang out with you and Alexis?" I asked
"Of course!" She said

We walked to the field and Max saw me. The good twin.
"Hi Kayleigh" he said and smiled
"Hi Max" i said and smiled back
"Ooo so do you like Max?" Alexis said whilst raising her eyebrows
"No i don't, we're just good friends" i said
"Mhmm" Brooklyn said

"Kayleigh!" I heard someone shouted my name
I turned around and saw Harvey running towards me
"Ugh what now" I groaned
"Nothing, i just wanted to give you this" Harvey threw me a fake lizard
"AAHH! HARVEY MILLS!" I jumped and screamed
Harvey laughed and ran away
damn his laugh is cute
Wait I'm not supposed to like him

"You okay, Kayleigh?" Alexis asked
"Yeah Im totally fine" i said
"Oh" Alexis said

"I saw what happened" Max said
"That's amazing then" i said and continued walking
"I feel bad for laughing" Max said
I ignored him and continued walking
"Lay-lay wait!" Max said
"Stop calling me 'lay-lay' I don't like it" i said
"You dropped your book!" He said and raised it in the air

It was my diary
Yes, i have a diary
And inside it, I write all my feelings

I quickly snatched it and put it inside my bag
"Woah, you hiding something?" He said
"Nope" i said

*the bell rings*

"Anyways, I'm going to my class now, bye Max, Brooklyn and Alexis" i said
Good thing Harvey's not in this lesson

*skip to the end of the school*

I walked to the gates and saw Harvey, just Harvey, waiting for me
"Hey Love" he said and winked at me
"Don't call me that and what do you want?" I said
"Nothing really" he said
"Is this a prank again?" I said and raised an eyebrow
"No, no... follow me" he said
"Okay?" I said
Since when do I follow Harvey?

I followed Harvey. He took me to the park
"Why are we here?" I asked
"You know, walking around" he said
I continued to follow him until 2 buckets of water splashed me
"HARVEY!" I said
"Oh oops!" He said and laughed
"Do you know i have to walk home right?" I said angrily
"Yeah haha" he said
his 2 friends came out of the bush, also laughing
"Harvey, this isn't funny!" I said
This is the reason why I don't follow Harvey

I walked away from the park and Harvey following me
"Why are you following me?" I said
"Look I'm sorry okay" he said
"Wow I never heard you say sorry to me" i said
"I won't do it again, I promise" he said and made a sad puppy face in front of me
I rolled my eyes
"Fine" i said

I pushed him away, leaving him standing and watching me walk away

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